5 best laptops for a small business


Laptops! What a minefield, RAM, APU, GPU, Intel Pentium processors. You may know what all this is about, or it may be way to techy for you. Either way, there is one thing that you know for sure when you are running a small business, that’s your budget.

So I am going to give you my recommendations of the 5 best laptops for a small business categorised into the different ‘types’ of laptops out there and cross referenced by budget. Hopefully then you can find something to suit your needs and your wallet. These have been researched to death so that you don’t have to spend hours comparing prices and specs, because unless you are into that sort of thing, can be completely overwhelming!

I regularly update this page as well so that you have the latest information. Make sure to click through to the full reviews!

Any questions, please ask in the comments section below.

5 best laptops for a small business


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Google Chromebook

toshiba-chromebook-2Price: £150-£350 or $230 to $550

These laptops are really so affordable so could they really be a viable option for a home business? Basically they use the Chrome OS operating system instead of windows or Mac OS and many different web apps, and file storage is based in a cloud, so if you are a big Google user, this could be for you. Because of this, they are designed to be used mostly when connected to the internet, but lets face it, when aren’t we close to some sort of connection.

They’re simple and cheap as little memory is required and are really starting to take off as a Windows / Mac OS alternative.

My recommendation for a Chromebook is the Toshiba Chromebook 2. See the full review here


Desktop Replacement

Acer aspirePrice: £250-£1,000 or $390-$1550

These range hugely in price and as with everything, you get what you pay for. If you go top end, over £600 you can get some really great features and really high resolution screens. Theses laptops are the dependables, the originals and herald a permanent move away from the original desktops.

Size wise, you are looking at about 15 to 17 inch screens, so still portable but more substantial than some others.

My desktop replacement recommendation is the Acer Aspire E5-573G. See the Full review here


Surface pro 3Laptop Tablet Hybrid

Price: £300-£1,000 or $450-$1550

As the name would suggest this is a combination laptop and tablet, where you can remove the screen to act as a tablet, great for meetings or travel. As you can see the price ranges significantly, so it depends on what you need it for.

If your focus is mainly on a laptop go bigger and more expensive. If you would get more out of a tablet, then go smaller and cheaper.

My recommendation of a hybrid is the Surface Pro 4. See the full review here



Price: £700-£1,000 or $900-$1550

The definition of an Ultrabook is thin and light. The pioneer of this category is the Macbook Air, and since then there have been Windows versions created that are really strong rivals to this laptop. Generally, Ultrabooks have a 11 or 13 inch screen, so are on the smaller side.

My recommendation for an Ultrabook is the Dell XPS 13. See the full review here


macbook pro smallMultimedia Laptop

Price: £1,000-£2,000 or $1550 to $3050

As you can see by the price, these are not for the faint hearted and are great if you want to edit video and raw photo files. They have top end performance and speed and the screen resolution is second to none. Unless you have a business using really large visual files a lot of the time, then this is probably not the best use of your hard earned cash.

The multimedia Laptop that I have recommended is that MacBook Pro. See the full review here.


And if you are looking for a printer to go with these, have a look at my top 3


Any comments of questions on how I selected my top 5, please let me know below.

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21 thoughts on “5 best laptops for a small business

  1. Jovo says:

    Hi, there are really great laptops presented here. I badly need another one, the one I use is almost prehistoric Dell with the Windows version which might not be supported by Microsoft any longer. So you understand my interest in what you present here.

    This laptop Table Hybrid looks really great, I was not aware of such tools at all. So how does it work when you remove the screen, I am really delighted with it. Many thanks indeed.

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Jovo. It works like a tablet when you remove the screen, literally, like an ipad. Take a look at the individual review, which you can see if you click through on that option. A seriously good piece of kit! And it looks the part. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

  2. Adeel says:

    Great information on laptop, these days I’m also looking for a another laptop for business purpose which I can take when I go for travelling. Your blog really give good insight and information. Today all we lack is legit and powerful information but unfortunately most of the information we have on internet aren’t helpful so I thank you for providing best information.

  3. Jess says:

    So glad I came across this post. What a great resource! We are in need of a new laptop for a small business soon. I have bookmarked this page to refer to when it comes time.

    I really appreciate the format – a general overview linking to more in depth individual reviews of each product. Thanks!

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for your comments Jess. I did a lot of research to get to this list and to find the best prices too, so I’m so pleased to hear that it’s helped

  4. Bryan says:


    Thank you for writing a list of great computers for the home office. I have a personal aversion to Apple, I’ve never liked their products, but your list is quite helpful. I got a really good deal on the laptop I purchased about a year ago by reading many reviews similar to what you have here..

    Therefore, I hope many people will find your reviews helpful. Having a computer that works, works well, and keeps working is pretty much a given for any business nowadays.


    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Bryan, Its funny isn’t it, I used to fell that way about Macs. I worked on one for two whole years and ended up going back to a PC. It must be something about the way your brain is wired that accepts one operating system over another.

  5. Kristie says:

    Laptops are an essential tool for any business. It can definitely be overwhelming to navigate the word of computers. They change constantly, and if you do not know what you are looking for , it becomes very frustrating. I like that you narrowed my choices to show me the best of the best. It definitely makes picking the right computer much easier. Great post!

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Kristie. Happy to help. I did spend a long time going through a lot of different reviews and technical specs to save others time, so I’m pleased you got something out of it!

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