Amazing 5 Review – Amazingly Risky?

Amazing 5 Review

Are you looking to make money online, and have come across Amazing 5?

Are you tempted to see what it’s all about as the investment promises sound great? Before you dive in and invest any money, I suggest you have a read of this Amazing 5 review which will tell you everything you need to know before you invest.

Always best to be prepared.

So let’s dive in.



Product Name: Amazing 5

Website url:

Price: a minimum of $20

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5

My Recommendation: If you have some cash to spend then Amazing 5 is worth a chance to get some great returns. But be aware that it’s risky, and never invest more than you can afford to lose. If you want a way to build a risk free online business, read my top recommendation.


What is Amazing 5 About?

Amazing 5 is what is known as a high yield investment program – an international Wealth Management Company, sometimes known as a revenue sharing company.

Although in comparison to other rev share companies such as Traffic Monsoon, you don’t have DO anything such as clicking on websites to qualify. You just invest money.

There are two main plans that you can invest in which are called, ‘The 5’, and ‘Fixed 12’. I will look into these a bit later in the article.

Essentially the business model is where revenue is shared with the members with money generated when new members join the program. There is no tangible product it is all about wealth investments. You provide the money based on a plan you select and they invest it for you.

These programs are risky, hence the high yield. So it depends what kind of person you are, and if you are willing to take a risk. Why are they risky, because these companies traditionally don’t last long, so if you have a hefty investment held with them, and they go under you could lose it all.

Amazing 5 has only been around since September of 2015, so it is a fairly new business, but this is the nature of revenue share businesses. They often come up regularly and don’t last long.

Let’s take a look at the programs and see if we can make a bit more sense of it and see if this one could be around for a while.


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The Investment opportunities

Amazing 5 makes its money by investing in the following markets: Real Estate, Financial, Tourism, Import/Export, Energy. Future investments are E Currency Exchange Services, Health Information and Product Distribution.

Bear in mind that investment is not the only way to make money online, there are plenty of other options out there.


1. The Five

This opportunity gives you a 155% return on your investment. It runs for 31 working days, excluding weekends. You will be given 5% each business day, and your account will update to reflect this.  So after 20 business days you will break even.

They have a calculator on the website which will tell you your return based on the amount you invest. Sounds simple? But remember, this is in no way guaranteed.


Amazing 5 The Five Review

2. The fixed 12

This is only different in that it runs for 10 days, including weekends this time. And you get a 12% return on your investment. The say this one is less profitable, but less risky than the 5, because you can withdraw your money earlier

Amazing 5 fixed 112 review


How much does it cost to join?

There is no cost to join as such, just a minimum investment of $20 and a maximum of $500,000. If you have that lying around?


How else can you make money?

In addition to simply investing with Amazing 5 you can make money by getting people to join Amazing 5. The way this works is quite simple:

If you recommend Amazing 5 to someone else, and they join through your affiliate link then you get a commission on every investment they make, up to 15% of what they make.

There are two levels of affiliate:

  1. If you don’t invest yourself, you are known as a standard bonus where you make a lower commission,
  2. But if you invest $1000 or more then you are known as a Representative bonus where your commission cut is higher.

Is amazing 5 a scam


Is Amazing 5 a scam?

Lets look into the detail of this program and really get under the skin

Firstly, take a look at the sales video. Incredibly cheesy, nothing you wouldn’t expect.

When I dug into the site, there were a few things that worried me, but I have to admit, they aren’t a deal breaker.

  • No refunds: There are no refunds, so if you don’t make money, then it’s just tough. But this is the nature of investment.
  • You cannot pay via paypal, as Paypal they do not work with this sort of business. That does worry me a bit. For me it’s a hint of just how high risk it is. Why don’t paypal work with them? Because there is a history of complaints with this sort of business model (note I didn’t say this actual business, just the model type) where customers have been unable to get their money back. Paypal is all about customer security and so does not want to deal with a company where this is problem. This is a huge alarm bell for me.
  • No details: There are no details about who owns the company, the history of the company, who is the CEO. Nothing. I would be very dubious about investing when there is no traceable history about this.
  • The returns: The claims of 55% returns in 30 business days is unheard of.


My verdict

The Amazing 5 business hasn’t been running for that long and as far as reports go, it is paying. But my question is, how long will it last and will your money be with them when it ends?

The way a program like this tends to run is through the money coming in from new investors. If this dries up, and recruitment of new investments dwindles, then so will the ability to pay your return on investment, and you initial investment for that matter. So we don’t know how long this will last and there is no way of telling.

I think you would have to be VERY careful about investing a large sum of money based on what you are told in the website, unless you have tested it yourself first and are happy with it.

However, the returns are tempting, if you are interested in this program, I suggest you start off really small, test it and only invest what you can afford to lose and accept that any time you could lost it all. If you only invest back in what you win in the first instance, then nothing is lost.

My advice to you is by all means invest, but be wary and cautious. You can set up an account here

But if you want a truly profitable business that will, over time, make you a secure and ongoing income without any risk, take a look at my number 1 recommendation for building an online business.


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11 thoughts on “Amazing 5 Review – Amazingly Risky?

  1. Terence says:

    Hey Ruth, great review here! This program seems great but I have this uneasy feeling about such an opportunity too, considering that I invested in a HYIP before and lost my money before, so I’m still quite skeptical about Amazing 5.

    Have you invested any money in this program yet? I know that programs such as this do pay, but it seems like they can just wind up and disappear overnight. I remember reading about people making money from such programs, but carefully picking which programs to invest in and when to get out in order to maximize revenue. Seems like quite a gamble to me!

    • Ruth says:

      I invested once, and I did get my investment plus the interest back, but I was too chicken to try again, because as you say, I have seen these things come and go and I don’t want my money to be there when it does. I am generally a risk averse person anyway.

  2. Lena says:

    I was researching investment opportunities when I came across your website. This was a very interesting article for me. I never heard of Amazing 5. Anything that offers high yield has a high risk too. As you mention those companies don’t last long but to be honest I would like to dive in more and probably would give it a try for a small amount. I am a risky person by nature. I usually invest in stocks with a beta higher than 3 which drives my husband insane:) Thank you for sharing!

    • Ruth says:

      I have to agree with you Lena. People are being paid and the returns are coming in. So if you are a risky person, then this is a good risk, if you know what I mean! Good luck, I would love to know how you get on.

  3. Chris says:

    As soon as I saw the rev share companies statement I turned off – terrible platforms that will not stand the test of time I’m afraid. Sustainability is key with these online earning sites and, for example, Traffic Monsoon’s platform will never last. Be aware of these rev share options – they are not built on steady ground

    • Ruth says:

      Most rev share platforms such as traffic monsoon make money by encouraging you to buy ad packs to advertise your business. But this means you are advertising to more people who are unlikely to be interested in what you have to sell. Amazing 5 is a little different in that it is funded by different investment going in as well as people investing in the returns. Again, let’s see if it stands the test of time!

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