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Product Summary

Chromebook 2 by ToshibaDetails:

  • Screen: 13.3-inch screen with 1,920 x 1,080 IPS display (full HD version)
  • RAM: 4GB RAM
  • CPU: Intel Celeron processor
  • Storage: 16GB flash storage
  • Dimensions: 320mm wide and 214mm deep
  • Additional: Two USB ports, HDMI and SD card
  • Weight; 1.35kg


  1. Great battery life, about 8 hours
  2. Excellent Screen quality in the full HD version
  3. Outstanding value for money
  4. Nice design
  5. High quality keyboard and mousepad / trackpad


  1. Thin lid, so a little more fragile than standard
  2. Different operating system from the norm


USA:  BUY NOW from  for $299.99 (price for a limited time)

UK:    BUY NOW from for £269.99


Should I buy a Chromebook for my business?

These little gems are a little different to a standard PC and there is little argument from industry boffs that the Chromebook 2 by Toshiba is one of the best in class today, but is a Chromebook right for you?

should I buy a chromebook for my business

I will explain a little about what a Chromebook is first to help you decide.  A Chromebook runs on a different operating system, Google Chrome’s own OS, instead of Windows or Mac OS.  What this means is that most of your storage is in a cloud rather than on your hard drive and most programs run via web apps rather than standard applications, such as mail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

Although the Microsoft office suite isn’t avaialble, you can use and create your files in Word etc via Google drive and you cans share files in this way. You can also use the microsoft web app to imprort your microsoft files fairly flawlessly

Another consideration for you purchase is that in order to operate fully, a Chromebook relies heavily on the internet. You need ot be connected to operate most of your apps, so have a think about how often you might be away from Wifi and whether this is important.

16GB of storage is all you need for a Chromebook because you aren’t storing large, heavy programs or a huge amount of files. This means they can run pretty fast



Chromebook-2-by-toshiba-screenThe Toshiba Chromebook 2 I have written about is the one with the full HD screen at 1920 x 1080 as there is one that is a little chaper with a lower reoslution screen, but for the difference of £50 or $75 its worth the extra for the HD version. This is an excellent screen and is outstanding value for money. And it looks great.

The screen resolution is the winner here and looks like it should belong to a much more expensive laptop. Blacks are really black and colours pure and defined. Sound quality is pretty good too. These things also make it great for watching tv or listening to music.



Plus it’s really light and easy to fit into a bag or backback. It’s approximately the same size, from the top, as a Macbook Air, and actually only a little thicker, so it really looks the part. They have clearly looked to Macbook Air for their design queues, and you don’t hear anyone complaining about that. And for a fraction of the cost.

Have a look at the video to see it in action

It can be a little fragile, especially on the screen, so as long as you aren’t twisting it or dropping it, this shouldn’t be an issue.

It does have a USB connection and SD card slot too (not often found in the lower price bracket) as well as HDMI-out, the headphone jack, a Kensington security lock and the USB 3.0 slot


Chromebook-2-by-toshiba-keypadKeyboard and Track pad

The keyboard is slightly different to your standard and you are missing a couple of keys such as a Caps Lock, Delete and Print Screen. Strange ones to lose, but you will get used to it. Other than this, the rest of the keyboard is very familiar. The kyys are nicely positioned and have a premium feel.

The trackpad / mousepad, doesn’t have the usual buttons for right and left click and this functionality is similar to that of the Macbook Air. To operate this function you click with one finger to operate the right and with two for the left. Again, if you are used to Macs, this will be no problem and as a PC user, it’s actually a little less clumsy than the normal design. There is a whole host of other gesture controls which again are similar to a Mac, and these all can be learnt pretty easily and make things faster and simpler.


My verdict

The main thing about this Chromebook is what you get for the money. At the very low end of the market in terms of price, it really does deliver a lot more than a bottom end PC laptop, and is worthy of a lot of consideration for your business if budgets are tight. The quality is outstanding and what you get for your money is quite remarkable. Don’t be put off by the Google Chrome operating system, but if you want to know more, this article should help you out.

It might feel a bit like a foreign concept right now, but with anything new, sometimes a change is what you have really been looking for

I would be interested to hear if you think this Chromebook, or any chromebook for that matter would be right for your business and whether you would consider one.

If this product isn’t right for you, there are 4 others in my top 5 list, so maybe have a look at the Acer Aspire E5 531 or if you have the budget the Dell XPS 13

IF you have any questions on the Chromebook, please let me know below.

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