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curationSoft 3 Review

If you are a website owner, no doubt you are always told that creating interesting content is the key to your online business’s success. It leads to social sharing, and therefore traffic to your site.  But how do you find interesting topics to write about and how do you make them interesting?

This is where CurationSoft 3 comes in. In this CurationSoft 3 Review, I will look into how this product works to help you get the best content on  your website or blog.



Product Name: CurationSoft 3.0

Website Url:

Price: Free, $47 monthly or $96.00 lifetime

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

My Recommendation: CurationSoft 3 is an awesome tool and can really help your online business. If you are looking to improve or even create a profitable online business, take a look at my no 1 Recommendation. It’s the only one I give 5 stars to .


What is Curationsoft 3 about?

CurationSoft 3 is the updated version of CurationSoft, but what does it do?

It helps you make your website content more interesting and shareable thus improving traffic and search engine rankings.

How? -Through the process of content Curation. (If you want to know more about content curation, check out this article).

This essentially means helping you find interesting topics, who has written about them and then helping you to create your own blog post around this topic linking to these others websites. This is a totally legit way of building really interesting posts but can take a lot of time. CurationSoft 3 helps you do it in the right way, and in the quickest and easiest way.

Let’s think of it in context:

Imagine if someone is searching for a specific topic by a keyword or search term and they come across your article. When they see your post, they will visit your website and see that you have a wealth of relevant and interesting content on this topic and YOU have done the job of gathering this information for them, so they don’t have to go out and search and search. So THEY will share your page.

CurationSoft 3 finds this content for you and instantly creates it into a webpage for you through a drag and drop function. It’s so simple, I have to say, I’m impressed!


If you are here, looking to build an online business,

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How does it work?

You choose the social media channel you would like to search for content, add your main keyword, or topic or the subject of your post.

CurationSoft then gives you a list of these articles across the social media channels that you have selected. You simply just drag and drop this content into your post based on a layout you choose and it will format it for you. Once you have built your post, it posts it to your site, whether this is WordPress, Joomla, Eblogger, whatever your platform.  You simply download the software (once you have paid for the level that you want) and that’s it.

Take a look at this video which will tell you all about how it actually works, step by step and the improvements that come with the CurationSoft 3 version.


What is new about CurationSoft 3?

  • There is a whole load more social media channels that you can search now through CurationSoft, including probably  every social media channel you can think of
  • You can make your post layout look a LOT better than before without having to know any Html.
  • As you look at peoples articles, rather than clicking through to the actual article, you can view everything in one window, so you can select what you add
  • The whole back end system has been upgraded so it’s slick and easy to use. The demo, above, demonstrates exaclty what you can get out of it.


How much does it cost & what do you get?

You can sign up for FREE with CurationSoft. Sign up here.

  • Free access to 1 content source
  • $47.00 yearly 10 content sources
  • $97.00 lifetime 10 content sources

With your membership you get training on how to use this system via YouTube Videos



My Verdict

Your first question may be, are you allowed to do this? Will other websites allow you to use their content in this way?

The answer is Yes as long as you credit whoever wrote the content, you are fine to do this. Always give credit. The CurationSoft program allows you to do this and ensures that this is done correctly everytime.

As I outlined earlier, having interesting content that is well informed does wonders for your likelihood of this content being shared as well as the authority of your site. More sharing is more traffic, more exposure on social networks is something that google looks at to rank your content higher on search engines.

This tool in incredibly clever and if you write a lot of content it would be something that could be really useful. You are able to add expert opinions to your posts without having to interview them, and of course it is incredibly time saving.

I think it is an excellent tool and worth investing in an I hope this CurationSoft Review has helped you see that.

Take a look inside CurationSoft 3 here. 


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8 thoughts on “CurationSoft 3 review – Create awesome content

    • I have had problems getting into their website, I think the servers are having response issues, but eventually I did get in, so yes they are still in business. Let me know if you have any other problems.

  1. DanielHauge says:

    This is some extremely detailed and thorough information about CurationSoft 3 ! I really didn’t know a lot about any content softwares. I can now see that i should definitely invest in a software like this. And since i really want to improve my traffic and rankings on google, this post is even more relevant to me. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Ruth says:

      No problem Daniel. It really is a good tool and a lot of top marketers use content curation and recommend it as a way to drive traffic and engagement. I would love to know how you get on, so if you remember, drop me a line!

  2. Tony Omary says:

    Hi Ruth,

    What a great review of curationsoft 3. If one thinks of starting a news site, that is the person I can recommend curationsoft 3. It saves time. Some even auto-publish for you.

    If you are a content marketer, you should create your original articles. Otherwise you may face copyright issue in the long term. Curated con


    • Ruth says:

      Hi Tony

      Thanks for your comments. Its good to hear you have experience of the program and think it’s good. This is different to private label rights (PLR) articles where you BUY a bulk load of articles and you have to amend them to make them original. I wouldn’t recommend that. This simply pulls in different content sections from different websites and makes sure you do it correctly, including giving the right credit.

      Worth a shot if you write a lot of content and need some original ideas.

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