How to Monetize Your Blog with Affiliate Marketing

How to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing

So you have a blog or website. Great stuff.

You love writing about a topic that is your passion. But now it’s time to turn it into more than just a hobby and make some money, so where do you start?

For existing blogs there are several answers, but to make the largest income in the quickest amount of time and the absolute best way to build a SERIOUS full time income, you need to look at affiliate marketing. All other methods of monetization such as Google Adsense, selling advertising, CPA, don’t even come close to what you can make with affiliate marketing.

So let’s get started and find out how to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing basics – how does it work?

So simply put, with affiliate marketing you are selling other peoples products and getting a commission from every sale. You can choose products that fit into your niche.

Then when a visitor to your site and clicks on that link, it takes them through a special tracking link, which tells the seller that they came from you. The order is placed and you receive your commission. No deliveries, no customer enquiries, no product to stock.

Nice and simple.


Finding a product that fits

You might be surprised to know that most online products and most online businesses have an affiliate program. Seriously.

From the big boys such as Amazon and Walmart to the little independent chains. From those selling physical products to those selling digital products a lot of companies have an affiliate program.

So the good news is that no matter what your blog is about you will find something to sell that your readers will be interested in.

Make sure that you are looking at products which are relevant to your readers. If you would buy it, then the chances are they will.

There are 3 types of products that you can sell on your website:


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Type 1: Physical products:

A great place to start to make money with your blog, and one that works well for a lot of people, is Amazon.

The great thing about Amazon is that even if someone doesn’t buy the products you are sending them to, if they buy something else on Amazon, then you still get the commission. But you only have 24 hours in which that person can make purchase which can be tough and typically you are looking at between 4% and 8% commission per sale depending on volumes

But there’s not only Amazon, there are millions of other programs out there that you can use. For example take a look at this:  I am using the example of furniture for a baby’s nursery

Type into Google the following nursery furniture + affiliate program, and see just snapshot of the affiliate programs that you could join. Each brand could have it’s own affiliate program OR they could be part of a market place, which are simple to join.

Make money with your blog


I love these market places because then if you have a FEW products that sit within these market places all your commissions land in one place and can really add up.

In addition if you have favourite products, you can visit your favourite websites and scroll right to the bottom and see if they have an affiliate program. This usually takes you to a separate page and tells you how to sign up.


Type 2: Digital Products

Digital products are great to sell because you are generally looking at a much higher commission rate.

Between 30% and 70%. Sounds tempting right?

In terms of Digital products, we are talking about DVDs, ebooks, video training programs, allsorts. There are many market places where you can find digital products to sell. Here’s a few. You will be signing up as a publisher. The person who is publishing other peoples content on their website.

Start off by joining a couple of these, and have a look through and see what sort of products they have using the search feature. Just by joining you are not committed to anything


Type 3: Services

Services is an easy one to add. Think about the types of things you use for your blog already. Hosting, email automation, anything like that. You can create a resources page and list these all out and provides affiliate links to all of them. Chances are that most of them have an affiliate program.

These are great to use as giveaways to get people to sign up to your email list or to share on social media.


There is no reason why you can’t sell all three types of products on your blog – physical, digital and services. I do!

Once you have found the products you like, you can then collect your tracking link and add it to your blog.

How to Monetize your blog with affiliate marketing


Ways to promote products within your blog

There are several ways you can promote these products within your blog.

  • Include text links within the body of your text. For example if you are talking about a recipe, you might want to include a link to recipe book that you can buy on Amazon, or a set of pots and pans. Just grab your affiliate link and add it to your text. You will need to insert it as as link using the link button on your editor screen OR you can use something like a prettylink plugin to create neat looking links for you.
  • You can write reviews. These convert really well into sales. Say if you are talking about health and fitness and want to sell a DVD for example, you could link off to a review of that product. Then do you research and provide an honest review of what you see. Point out the good and bad, personal experience if any or at least a personal opinion formed on research. Then provide a clear recommendation. You can even discuss what you don’t like and then make it clear why that doesn’t matter. Of course you want to sell the product, but the hard sell isn’t appreciated in a review format. You are helping people not telling them what they can read on a sales page.
  • Compare product pages. People love these. This isn’t something that is easy to find, and if you are in the market for something then what better than a place that compares them and does the hard work for you.
  • Collect email addresses and use these people to sell to time and again. Although be careful not to oversell, and to consistently provide value, otherwise you will lose them!
  • You can add affiliate banner ads into the right hand column or whenever you like within your site for those products that you particularly like.


Why you should use affiliate marketing over other monetisation techniques

The natural assumption for most bloggers is that the only way to drive sales to your blog is through Google Adsense banners.

Not true! Very few people make a killing this way and you could be losing out on a lot of commission. You have to have an enormous amount of traffic to make anything decent with Adsense, and lets face it, it makes your site look a mess.

Professional bloggers don’t tend to use it and neither do I!

Even if you were to sell advertising space on your website you will not make anything near as much as you would using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing gives you complete control over what is featured on your site. It makes the most commission out of anything else out there and can seriously lead to a full time income.


Need some help?

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I hope this has given you some food for thought on how to monetise your blog with affiliate marketing. If you have any questions please let me know!


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