How to use keywords for your website – the right way

How to use keywords for your website


This is the best way to get content ranked successfully in search engines, but you have to know what you are doing, and know how to use these keywords, so in this article I will be looking at how to use keywords for your website and giving you some tips on getting the most out of the content that you write.

And don’t forget a keyword isn’t just ONE word, it can be just one word but usually it’s a phrase, two words, five words, but they are never separated.

How to use keywords for your website


Why finding keywords for your website content is SO important?

It used to be that just using the same keyword over and over again would be a way to get ranked for that word.

But not anymore.

Getting ranked in search engines is a lot more complicated and using keywords correctly is one of the largest factors to affect positioning. Admittedly they are not the only factor (take a look at some others here), but getting your keywords right, could be the make or break of your website or blog.

These days, you can’t just write about what you want and hope that people will find your content. Just writing article after article with no real strategy for structuring your content will most likely get you nowhere.

Regardless of how interesting it is, you need to be relevant to what your visitors are looking for and you need to know how much competition there is for that keyword, to see if you have a chance of getting to the top. So how do you find out these things?


So where do you start?

How to use keywords for your websiteThat ‘s when keyword research and analysis tools comes in handy. And when I say handy what I mean is that it’s absolutely essential!

You use it to build the entire structure or your content around it.

So you have a topic that you want to write about. You need to find out what search terms people are typing into Google around this topic and how you can structure your content around these search terms.

Let’s look at an example, it might make things clearer:

Say you want to write an article about cheese.

If you go ahead and simply write about cheesemaking and varieties of cheese that might be really interesting to you, but how do you know if it will be interesting to anyone else and if people are looking for this kind of information? And how will people with an interest in cheese find your article? You will have no idea, unless you have a keyword analysis tool. These are absolutely crucial to building ranking content.

This is where my recommended tool comes in. Yes I know, in the UK, with a different spelling, this means something a little different. But we can thank our friends in Canada for this tool. And us Brits do have some quite strange terminology!

Jaaxy keyword tool


So what does Jaaxy do?

You can use Jaaxy in a number of different ways:

  • You choose your subject first of all. Ie cheese
  • You can use the ‘Alphabet soup’ function to find phrases surrounding the word ‘cheese’ that people have been searching for in Google. You input cheese and all the relevant terms that have been recently searched under Google will appear. Alphabet soup indicates that this is done for every letter of the alphabet as you can see below – an example of ‘b. You select the ones that are most interesting to you and most relevant to your article.


how to use keywords for your website


  • Then you take these phrases and save them to a list. (see below). You can see that there are various columns here where you can compare them. These include the average traffic you can expect a month if you rank on Google pg 1 for this keyword, the competition and a traffic light system which shows which keywords you should and shouldn’t use, straight away, making it easy to compare and choose the ones that will bring the most traffic to your site. It’s that simple.


list of cheese


  • For example if you see a QSR (Quality Score Rating) of 36, this means there are only 21 other pages ranking for the search term ‘how many calories in cream cheese’. If this keyword appeared in your content and you ranked on pg 1, you could expect 153 visitors a month from this article. Neat.
  • You then select the keywords that are relevant and those which have a QSR of under 100 and you build your content around those keywords, remembering to use them as often as you can whilst still making the content readable and make sense cheese. (that was intentional)
  • This doesn’t mean that you have to be a slave to the keywords, just make sure you use them in your article. Then when a user searches for your keywords, in time you will be listed further and further up the rankings for that particular keyword

Have a try for yourself and see. It’s FREE


So how do you get your article to page 1

This takes a number of steps but the foundation starts with your keyword search. So once you have found the most lucrative keywords for your article go through the following steps.

  1. Chose your top 3 keywords you want to rank for but select one main one.
  2. Use the main one in your article heading, in a sub heading and at the end of the article.
  3. Use alt tags on all of your images and make sure that your main keyword and your secondary keywords are used on these alt tags, but make sure they are relevant to the image too.
  4. Try and include an outbound link to an authority site such as Wikipedia or something that you know has been around for a long time.
  5. Include video content if you can, you can embed videos on you tube into your article if you like.
  6. Use synonyms of that keyword, Google is smart enough to recognise these too
  7. Add tags to your article as keywords. If you use WordPress there is a section for this
  8. Make sure your main keyword appears in your Meta Description and Meta Title.
  9. Don’t overdo or keyword stuff your article.
  10. Most importantly just write naturally and you will be surprised what words Google picks up


But there’s more:

So this foundation all starts with Jaaxy. But there are many other features that this keyword tool gives you:

  • There is training on how to use the program full in the form of 4 comprehensive video tutorials
  • Provides competition analysis. This function allows you to search for any other sites that are currently using the keyword that you are interested in, so that you can see if you have a chance to rank for this word.
  • Help with brainstorming. There is a section that provide the trending topics on all the key social media sites such as twitter and Facebook of course. You can then link top hot topics into your articles, and make the really current and interesting to people wanting to share them on social media
  • Site ranking: You can see where your page ranks in Google, Yahoo or Bing by that keyword. It will give you a position and a page number. This is fantastic as you have to use individual sites to find this out normally, and they are often inaccurate4


If you are here looking to build your own online business

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What does Jaaxy cost?

Well to start using Jaaxy, it’s completely free. But naturally, that’s just for the base product. But I still feel its worthwhile having just for the base product. It’s that powerful.

Jaaxy FREE:

You get 30 free keyword searches a month, so that restarts again every month. Maybe that doesn’t sound like much but once you have had a go, you will see that if you use Google for your Alphabet soup keyword search, then you can get away with just selecting your keywords one by one and creating your lists that way

Jaaxy PRO Member

This is $19 a month. And for this you get the following

  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • Training modules
  • Site rank search to see where your pages are ranked within Google
  • Alphabet soup to save as a list
  • Search history
  • Search Analysis



Personally, I have Jaaxy open all day every day and I wouldn’t be without it.

It’s the way I start every single article I write.

What is the point in writing if no one is going to see it. And what better traffic than FREE search engine traffic.

It’s a massive time saver and so accurate you can make sure you are getting things right.

There are many keyword tools out there, but nothing that has the power and additional tools that this does and the one step comparison to show you which are the most lucrative keywords for you. Try it for free and see if it works for you. As I said the Free membership is worth having too.

<<Check out Jaaxy for FREE right here>>


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