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income shops review

I really like and I’ll tell you why. But before I do, let’s get into what it is about and run you through what you get before you sign up so that you can see what you might be getting yourself into, with my Income Shops Review

In essence what you have with is a place to very quickly set up a fully functioning product loaded online store. Sounds good? Find out more.



Product Name: Income Shops

Website url:

Cost: From $29.99, $49.99, $59.99, $99,99 depending on the package level

Rating: 4 out of 5

My recommendation: Income shops is a great way to set up an affiliate store that is ready to go. But you will need more training than what is provided to get your business going. Try this training program to help you get going.


What is income shops?

Simply put, Income shops is a very quick way to put together an online store. You have a choice of a pre-made store, where the products are all selected for you and you literally buy the store, ready made (you have to chose from pre-selected stores). Or you can create your own store in a category or niche of your choosing. I would suggesting going this route, so that you can be sure that there are no other duplicates of your site out there.

what is income shops


Once you visit the site, you go right ahead and start building your store immediately. You don’t need your own products, you are selling well established products by other large retailers with a strong reputation.  From businesses such as Amazon, Walmart and microsoft. Essentially, what you are getting is an affiliate marketing business built for you, where you can quickly collect your products.

It’s very easy to set up with the drag and drop functionality so you can customise your store to your liking..

So, you have your store set up, what now.. you follow their training, to help you drive csutomers to your store. Sounds simple? Well it really is.

For the purpose of this review I am going to look at creating your own store rather than taking on of their ready made stores as I think this is the best way to go about creating your own long standing original business.

I’ll tell you more.

If you are more interested in building your own affiliate BLOG

rather than a store, try this program


So how does Income Shops work?

This is one of the features that I love, it’s so simple to get set up.

First of all you need to have an idea for your business. A niche. An area of a market with products in which you want to sell. You can change this at any time but this part is really important. See my tips section below. You can get a store set up in 2 minutes. It comes pre-populated with thousands of products and then you can either keep them or change them.

You browse through a whole selection of products and select the ones you like from the retailers you like, it couldn’t be simpler.

And there is free 7 trial, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a go. This is a real benefit showing they have nothing to hide

What is income shops

You can mix and match retailers, so you don’t need to sell only products from Amazon for example. You don’t need to spend hours trawling through affiliate networks to find the right products and sign up to individual affiliate programs, creating and saving links for every product and creating pages of content for each one. All of this hard graft is done for you

On the website is a demo store which gives you an idea of how one works. The products are at the core of the design and the rest is blogging material. This is really important to help to drive customers to your store. (see my section below with tips on how to make the most of income shops)


Who is it for?

You can set up an income shop very easily with no experience whatsoever. You don’t need to know about coding or anything like that, and their training will help you with online marketing.

This is fantastic if you are wanting to set up your own business right now, and maybe this isn’t your field of experience.

You have everything you need here to get going and get set up today. It’s tempting.. So what about the price.. that’s what it comes donw to in the end. And it’s not bad..


How do  I make money with income shops?

what is affiliate-marketingIt’s simple. When people search for products within your category, such as children’s wooden train, and they find a product they like which is great, because you can cross compare between stores such as Amazon and Walmart, then they click on your link on your page and this takes them to the original retailers website.

IF they buy the product you receive a commission on the sale of every product made. Great! No worrying about delivery and payment transactions.  This is what is known as affiliate marketing.


How much does income shops cost?

There is a free 7 day trial so that’s a great start to make sure you get out there and give it a go.

Firstly there are no set up fees and no contact, so you can cancel anytime or upgrade or downgrade any time.

Naturally, you would want to start off with the basic package, but let’s take a look and see what you get. You only get two theme designs (looks of your store) to choose from and a lower number of categories, and you don’t get the live support. Which I think is essential when setting up.

Personally, I would recommend the Pro package, as they do, for initial set up and then you can downgrade to save money. So that when you set up you can have the live support and the 6 themes to choose from but when you don’t need that, they go back to the cheaper option.

what is income shops

In paying for the higher package on set up, you get everything you need at the front end of building your business. Then, a couple of months down the line, if you downgrade you are allowed to keep your theme but you might have to lose some categories, but to be honest, you probably won’t need 250 categories of products in the first place. It’s best to see where you are when you have set up.

It feels like a lot of money to set up but remember, this is just in the beginning and then after that,  $30 a month for your own business is nothing!. Who knows, you might even UPGRADE?


So you have your shop, what now?

Once you have created your shop, you need customers, of course!

This is another thing I like about They don’t just leave you high and dry. See down the left side all the featuers that are offered.


income shops provides you with training on ways to drive traffic. They teach you about SEO, and paid traffic and how to develop your site in the right way to build your business. One thing we know is really important with SEO is to keep content fresh and updated. This might not be easy with your product selection as once you have selected your products it’s unlikely that you will want to update them frequently.

So they key here is to create content surrounding your niche, regularly. If you look at their demo example you can see surrounding content which is article based and a blog section. This is essential to keeping your content updated and your site ranking high.

You will need to learn how to get your articles to rank well in google, so check out my article on this.


What else can you get?

For a little extra, they can do even more for you, such as design your website and create a logo, write articles and work on your search engine optimisation. Sounds good doesn’t it.

income shops review


But hold your horses on this one, although all of these are really great, you a much better off using someone like or the like to do this for you. You can get a lot better value for money. Have a look at my article on how to find a freelancer for jobs like this.


Tips for making the best store

I wanted to share with you, my thoughts on how to make the most of as there are a few tricks I can help you with to get the best

  • Don’t choose a pre-made store: Something to bear in mind that duplicating a site is bad news for SEO and ranking, so you want to make yours as original as possible. Why would you want to have the exact same store as someone else out there anyway?
  • Choose your niche wisely: You have to choose this carefully as you don’t want your niche to be too broad, with thousands and thousands of products. For example children is a massive niche, so you narrow it down, children’s toys – perhaps still too broad, so what about wooden Childrens toys.
  • Choose a niche that you are genuinely interested in. Why? Because if you are going to be writing content about this niche very regularly then you need to be interested in  and something you like writing about
  • Blog regularly: Make sure you create at least 3-4 new articles a week. You might need help with learning how to find topics and contetnt to write about. So try this.
  • Be patient: You will probably feel when you set up a store that you should start making sales immediately. Not true. People need to find your site. The training teaches you all about this but should you fall short in any areas, you can find what you need at
  • Don’t always use their resources: As I mentioned above their design services are pretty expensive, so you might want to look at other freelance options before you spend that sort of money


My Verdict

As I have said already and I have probably made it quite clear.. I love It’s a super easy quick way to get your online business going. And it’s fantastic for absolute beginners. There is everything you need in the Pro package and the live chat function.

The training is quite comprehensive and anything you can’t find there, you can find here,

There are limited designs to choose from, but the drag and drop function makes it possible to customise your store a little more and if there is bespoke that you want, then contact them and they will be happy to help.

I hope this gives you a good insight into this business and that you have enjoyed this income shops review. Now you can have your own store set up in minutes. Imagine, you could have your own business right now!

if anything isn’t clear or you have any questions on this, please do let me know. Good luck!

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9 thoughts on “Income Shops Review – Get an online store built TODAY

  1. Christine says:

    Hi Ruth. I have been looking around for a home business to work. I had never heard of Income Shops until I found your article. It is very comprehensive and for a 7 day free trial I will be trying it out very soon.

    Your idea of getting the pro version, setting up your site and then downgrading looks like the best way to go.
    Thanks heaps.

    • Ruth says:

      Great, so happy to help. Another similar product that I have reviewed is Shopify. This works best if you have your own products but they do provide training if you are looking to FIND products. Check it out too and read my review, as they have a 14 day free trial too.

  2. Billy Hunter says:

    Whoa, Income shops seems like a good spot! I want to try and see if I will fit in there. If it is anything like Wealthy Affiliate I am sure it will be great. I like all the tools and training they offer! Most affilate sites don’t even have close to that much. I recently reviewed a casino affiliate program with no training and at least a million different casino game links ahha. It’s crazy what they can do with links man.

    • Ruth says:

      Yes it is a great idea Billy. And anyway, it offers a free trial, and anything that does this I think is worth a try if the business opportunity is of interest. Yes Wealthy Affiliate offer this too which is great and actually their training is much more comprehensive so try that if you like this business model. Good luck

  3. John says:

    Great review of income shops!
    I have never heard of Income Shops before, but it sounds like a good alternative to a platform like Shopify.
    It sounds like a very easy platform to build your online store, and I like how they have additional training that you can access. There is nothing worse than buying something and having no additional support or training.
    I think I will check out Income Shops further!
    Thanks for this review 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      Glad to help John. Shopify requires you to have to your own products and this is how income shops is different. It’s always worth taking advantage of the free trial and give it a go. Good luck!

  4. Holly says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Thank you for this amazing post! I have never heard of income shops but this sounds quite incredible and very affordable. There are plenty of scams about how to make money online but the fact that you have your own website dedicated to this subject completely reassures me. How long have you been doing this may I ask? You also advertise Wealthy Affiliate I noticed – which would you recommend for someone just starting out? (between the two). Thanks again 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Holly. I have to say that Wealthy Affiliate is my favourite, because you can create your business completely how you like it and you have a lot more freedom with how your website looks. Although you are looking at more of a blog set up. With income shops you are a bit more restricted with the design, but as long as you make money, I don’t think this matters. With this type of business, it’s always good to have a go at the free trial, so that you see if it works for you.

      Something to note with Income shops is that you don’t OWN the website, as it has to run on their software, so you can’t move it to your own domain. Something to consider, but I don’t think it’s a deal breaker. With WA everything you do is your own, so this is why I favour this route.

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