Looking for a Change of Career – What about Work from Home Jobs?

what about work from home jobs

Everyone wants the ultimate, don’t they? To be able to work when you want, and do what you want, and still earn a load of money doing it. And maybe you dream about an environment like the one above, something that’s nothing like the dreary office you currently work in.

Now with the emergence of many work from home opportunities, people are finding themselves looking away from their traditional careers and asking, what about work from home jobs?

Work from home jobs are appealing to so many cross sections of society, including anyone from from high level entrepreneurs, salespeople, mums, data entry workers and CEOs can find something they can do from home.

Some traditional careers and forward thinking companies are adjusting to the idea of working from home and allowing their employees to work flexitime and alter their hours. It does require some level of trust towards their employees however, but as this is starting to become the trend, they have to conform. However, we are not there yet, with so many traditional jobs still refusing anything other than the daily office commute, so many people are looking to find the ultimate work life balance and have it all. And why shouldn’t you? The time is right!


How do you find legitimate work from home jobs?

The big question is though, of the work from home jobs that you see advertised and promoted, particularly online, which ones can you trust and which ones are total scams?

What about work from home jobsNow that work from home jobs are becoming more popular, there is a simultaneous emergence of work from home scams, or get rich quick schemes. A company called Rat Race Rebellion discovered that in 2007,  for every legitimate work from home opportunity there were 30 scams. And that was some years ago. Nowadays, they screen around 5000 work from home jobs weekly, and they have discovered 60 scams per real job,

So where do you start to find something legitimate? That is how I would like to help, to help you find something that suits you, something legitimate, and something that will give you the lifestyle you seek.

Throughout my site you can find information on the best, most legitimate work from home job opportunities from Multi-Level-Marketing programs, to virtual assistants and on-line entrepreneur businesses. And I’ll help you get set up and consider everything you need to get going. With also tips and tricks on making the working day easier and how to drive sales. It sounds like alot, but setting up your own home business is a big undertaking, and you have to be serious about it!


Before you do anything, consider these things when choosing a business

  1. Firstly the key is finding something that you enjoy. You will never be able to make a success of a home business if its hard to motivate yourself to get out of bed to do it!
  2. Think about how you would like to structure your day. Are you the kind of person who likes to go out and meet people and effectively sell products, or would you prefer maybe a wholly online based business where you can sit in your fancy home office and squirrel away?
  3. Would you like something that’s more straightforward to do, less challenging mentally, but where  you can just get the work done, tick the box and earn your money? Something along the lines of data entry?
  4. Do you have the right place to work? It’s important to consider your office environment, make that a place you want to be, and you will WANT to work.
  5. What sort of personality are you, are you motivated, disciplined, distracted easily? This will have an influence on a) the type of job you choose and b) the way you will need to work
  6. Consider the pros and cons of working from home (below). It really might not suit some, so you might get started and then wish that you hadn’t.

A quick peek at real home based business opportunities

This section doesn’t even touch the sides of what is out there, and the content within this site which should help you pick something relevant to you. But here is a taster of the kind of things you can start to consider. Have a browse around the Reviews section to see if there are any businesses in there. They are separated out by category so if you work out which category type of business suits you then you can narrow these opportunities down this way. All of these job ideas below, you can train in, and in most cases you can do your training online from home.

  • Virtual assistantwhat about work from home jobs
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Translator
  • Writer / Editor / Blogger
  • Web developer/designer
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Call centre representative
  • Tech support specialist
  • Travel agent
  • Teacher
  • Franchise owner
  • Distributor
  • Online advertising
  • Party coordinator


The pros and cons of home working with your own business


  1. You have complete freedom to work when you like and how you like
  2. Its’ YOUR business and you can run it how you like
  3. You can choose something that really interests you, if you choose your type of business wisely
  4. You can be there for family when needed
  5. Working alone might allow you to get more done in smaller amount of timewhat about work from home jobs
  6. You could potentially earn alot more than a salaried job, the sky is the limit!


  1. For a REAL business, and this is all I focus on, you have to be prepared to work hard
  2. You need patience, as it will take time
  3. You have to be happy to be on your own a lot of the time.
  4. You lose the ‘office banter’
  5. Some home businesses require a set up cost, which can vary hugely. Here’s a good one that you can setup for FREE
  6. It’s a risk. But if you don’t try.. you know how the saying goes.


More information about work from home scams

Within this site, I have also covered some of the scams out there that you should be aware of as well as some of the legit opportunities to help you find something that works for you. It’s just as important to know about these as it is to find the real jobs. Have a look through the reviews section and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you need more idea, have a look at my ideas for home business article. 

I wish you lots of luck and if i can help in any way, please let me know!



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17 thoughts on “Looking for a Change of Career – What about Work from Home Jobs?

  1. G.C.Horton says:

    When I first started working from home, the hardest thing for me was to manage interruptions.

    My family and friends thought because I worked from home, I had all the time in the world and could stop in the middle of a project to help them or run errands. It was maddening.

    The pets were a problem too and apparently thought I was home to give them attention. If you’re looking for a change of career or some way to work from home, be prepared to defend your time and space so you can get your work done.

    A separate office outside of the house is ideal.

    • Ruth says:

      Yes that’s a really good point. Especially if you have children and they have just come home from school. My husband also works from home and although this is the end of my day, it isn;t for him. The kids are young and so want to be with him. I think I will add this point to my article. Thank you!

  2. Julian says:

    60 scams per legitimate job!? Un-f******-believable!

    You said that you can earn a lot more than a salaried job (in your pros and cons)…

    What types of work at home jobs can do that?

    Also, where is the best place to get started (I don’t have a big budget)?

    Thanks. Oh, and great post, Ruth. 🙂

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      Thanks Julian. Its shocking isn’t it how many scams are out there. Its hard to see the wood for the trees. My recommendation would be Wealthy Affiliate, you can read more here. http://buildarealhomebusiness.com/wealthy-affiliat

      You can find in this article some links to get started, and this is where you can earn more than a salaried job. This isn’t a scam, so it will require hard work and dedication but anything worthwhile will always require hard work. Good luck and any questions, please ask!

    • Hi!

      I am successfully bilding an alternative lifestyle from home, a life where I can travel when I want and build my home internet business when I want, helping many people worldwide do the same.
      Even if you have a small budget you can succeed. You never need to call someone to sell something. It is fantastic.

      All the best!


      • Great Lars! Good for you. When you realise its not just a pipe dream and can actually b a reality, its the most amazing thing! I found it really liverating to be free from the commute, which you can see here too up A LOT of my time. So nice to do something you enjoy too.
        Good luck to you!

  3. Katerina Markakis says:

    Hello there!

    Very good post! Work from home is the ultimate dream for many people nowadays, especially mothers, but there are so many scams out there and people should watch out for them.

    Thank you for the list your offer. I will look into some of these later on. I will agree with you though that it takes time and people should know and be prepared to work hard!

    • Ruth Maisey says:

      I’m glad I could help Katerina. You can’t expect something for nothing these days especially not if its not a legitimate business. Good luck in your search!

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