Make life easier – how to find a freelancer

how to find a freelancer

When you are running your own business, it can be really tough to fit everything in, especially when you don’t have the expertise in every field. Let’s face it, who does?

If you don’t have a team of people behind you working away to boost your productivity as you would do in an office, a team of people who have specialist knowledge in different areas to make your operation slicker and look more professional, then it can be difficult not only to get work done, but to get that really professional edge,

So you need to know how to find a freelancer to help you out.

The answer is outsourcing your work using online freelancers. 

how to hire a freelancer

If you need a leaflet designed and printed, and you don’t know how, or a video created, or a book cover designed. If you want someone to build you a website and you don’t have time. Or need someone to create an app and or design your packaging, then you need a freelancer.

Even if you need someone to write an article or a press release for you, there are places online where you can pay people by the job.

Once you test it out and start to find the right people, it will be like having your own professional team.

There are 3 websites that I recommend for finding GOOD freelancers, and there are a lot out there, so find the ones you like and stick with them.

  • 99 Designs:        for the brand fundamentals– Logo design, brand identity, websites, packaging design, T-shirts and car wraps
  • Fiverr                  for EVERYTHING and for very low cost There isn’t much that you can’t find on here!
  • Freelancer:        for everything: Any gaps you can’t find anywhere else

Below there is a short review for each to help you choose what is best for your project.


What is 99 designs about?

I like to think of these guys as the basics for your brand.

If you are looking for help with brand identity, logos, look and feel, packaging design, then these guys are for you. They are not the cheapest, but to be honest, when you are talking about the fundamentals of your product, the foundation of your business, it is really important to get it right.

And these guys have a great reputation.

what is 99 designs about

How does 99 designs work?

They have a very intuitive form and set of questions that you fill out in order to brief the designer to get the best quality work. Someone who is not a designer, usually would not think of things that a designer would need to know about, so this format ensures you are briefing the designers properly and giving them everything they need.

In order to start the job, you run a design contest, and the submissions are based on the price you set for the job based on ‘packages’ they provide. The cheapest of which is $299 which I would recommend starting with AND there is a money back guarantee as well if you are not happy with your contest output.

You then get to pick the submission you like the best. This does mean that some designers may do the work but not get paid because their work doesn’t get picked. Maybe not so great for them, but great for you as you have so much choice.

The system is pretty straightforward to use and it’s pretty reasonable, so if you are looking for anything to do with creating your brand, I would try these guys first.

Visit the 99 Designs website here


What is about?

Simply put, it is a place where you can find an expert in most fields to carry out work for you. They cover everything from design, website building, SEO, App creation. You name it.

They have recently revamped their website and changed a few aspects of functionality which really helps with the user experience.

what is freelancer com about

How does Freelancer work?

Its quite straightforward, you select a category, post a project and you can either

  1. invite freelancers to submit a bid for the work or
  2. you can browse the freelancers you like the look of and make an offer for them to do the work. In this scenario, in my experience, you will need to have a look at their past work to give a reasonable bid

You will have some replies really quickly, and then you have to select who you would like to do the work. You can do this by looking at their profiles and see which ones who have replied fit the bill the best and you can chat to them in real time and ask any questions.

Then you select who you like and give them the work.

My favourite aspect of is that you only pay when you are satisfied. This is key in this sort of business, as sometimes it can take some to-ing and fro-ing to get what you want right.

They have a nifty function where you can monitor where you freelancer is on the project without having to call and chase them. All freelancers monitor their hours, so if you are hiring for a larger project you can see where they are at any point you like without having to sound desperate. I love this!

Visit the website here


What is Fiverr about?

Fiverr does everything weird and wonderful you can think of. If you can’t find what you need in any of the others, I guarantee you that will have it. That’s a figure of speech, not an actual guarantee!

It offers things from album covers to voice overs to drawing illustrations, to creating video content. And a whole host more. In fact I have found that just looking through some of the things these freelancers offers, can help spur some thoughts for creative content myself!

What is fiverr aboutHow does work?

Fiverr is very similar in terms of its offering to but as the name would suggest, it offers many of it’s services for the STARTING price of a fiver.

So let’s see what you get. You select a service that you want, for example creating a leaflet. From there you are presented with a selection of sellers. Usually the highest rated and most relevant to your search are delivered first. You can have a look at the ratings and reviews, and then select to order.

You have to pay first before you can give your brief. so be sure you have done your research. And $5 is the absolute minimum. It’s not that often you get exactly what you want for that price.

But still it is amazing value, if you can find the right people, and reports and reviews show that sometimes you don’t get what you want right away.  You might have to go for a bit of trial and error on this but it’s so cheap it can’t be a bad process.

Visit the website here


If you are here looking to build your own online business

then click here to check out my top recommendation


What else is there to say about how to find a freelancer?

With ANY freelance website, be wary and do your research. Of course you can only work with as much information as they give you, but almost expect some duds, and EXPECT some trial and error. This is part of the learning process. With all things creative, all results are subjective.

What you like, someone else might not.

Over time, and with trial and error, I have managed to build up a small team of people that I go to for certain things. And this helps me get on with my day a lot better and my business to be more professional. Well I think so! 😉

If you have any questions about this process, please let me know and I will get back to you!

Lighten that load! You don’t need to do EVERYTHING.

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13 thoughts on “Make life easier – how to find a freelancer

  1. says:

    Hello Ruth,

    What a great article, thank you for sharing this information! I do have a question for you, though, and that is:

    Do you have any “Rankings or Ratings” for each one of these three services you talk about above, or is there one that you prefer to use over the other two (and if so, why?)?

    I ask because the only one that I’ve used thus far is Fiverr, however, the first two times I used them, I didn’t really get the quality of product/service in return from the artists that I had hired to design a new logo from, so I was just wondering if you thought that maybe one of the other services has a better screening process for accepting workers?

    Any info would be of a great help. Thank you in advance!

    All The Best,
    Jeremy David Wilson

    • Ruth says:

      That’s a really good point Jeremy. I do rank 99Designs higher than the others for initial work, but you are right, I should probably make this clearer in terms of a ranking system. Thanks for the useful feedback. I think with, is that it’s a bit of a trial and error with them. You have to find your ‘team’ and what works for you. This might cost a bit in the first place, but once you find it, you should be set up. so therefore I would rank them second, after time. I’ll have a think about this and implement a rating.


  2. Kams says:

    Hi, what a great article. recently I’ve been considering paying a freelancer for writing some of my content. I was wondering where to start so your guide has really helped me. I’ll check the websites you recommend and see if it works for me. How much do freelancers charge for a 1000 word post?

    • Ruth says:

      That really depends on where you go. I would start with Fiverr if I were you, where is $5. It might take some trial and error to find the right person, but with those sorts of prices once you do, you will be onto a winner. I hope that helps.

  3. Hello, Ruth, I was just searching online on how to start a business from home and came across your website.

    I am retired on a fixed income, with no experience with internet marketing, but I do have time and a great idea I would like to market.

    Your articles about what are Muli-Level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing were helpful in making my decision not to go with an MLM due to the large upfront costs.

    Next, when I got to the bottom of the, What is Affiliate Marketing page, I wanted to know more so followed the link that took me to your Wealthy Affiliate Review.
    I read the page top to bottom and realized that this was what I’ve been looking for to help me start my business. I could start for Free 7 day trial member and get all the training I need to start my business, plus I get to learn how to develop 2 free websites.

    I just signed up today for Free. I liked that.
    I will be checking back in a week to give you my progress update.

    Thank you, for you recommending Wealthy Affiliate

    • Thanks Robert for your comment. It makes me really happy that I was able to help you with some direction, as this is what I hope to do with my website. My plan moving forward to is to develop a whole range of fully reviewed viable business opportunities for people to choose from to set up a home business with no experience. SO pleased to help. Any other information you need, please come back and let me know!

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