Premier Income Plan Review – Scam or Legit?

Scam or Legit? - Premier Income Plan Review

Perhaps you have heard about Premier Income Plan otherwise known as PIP which launched just in Jan 2016 and someone has told you it’s the next biggest thing? So you want to see if they are right, is a a scam or is it legit. Good idea to stop and find out!

I will tell you what I have found out from my research and digging, through this Premier Income Plan Review so that you can make up your mind for yourself.

So let’s see what we’ve got..



Product Name: Premier Income Plan or PIP

Website Url:

Cost: $79 for registration

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

My Recommendation: Premier Income Plan is based on a MLM model which works for some and not for others. It depends what you are looking for. If you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business, read my top recommendation.


What is Premier Income Plan (PIP)?

They are a ‘Product driven company, offering the best online communication products in the industry’.

Essentially this includes the below selection of communication products normally costing around $180 a month for only $59 a month.

But that’s not all, it operates a MLM Matrix compensation plan, where you earn money by recruiting people into the business.


Review of Premier Income Plan

Firstly lets take a look at the products and see if they are any good.

In order for an MLM to be legit (and not a Pyramid Scheme), they must have viable products.

So here are Premier Income Plan’s products.  On the website there is a demo video for each of the products, but I have given a quick summary

  • Audio Video Conferencing software: High definition video tool to enable video conferencing or the ability to hold webinars. All you need are people with a computer, internet connection and a webcam to make this software work. You can have up to 10 people sharing their webcams for a group meeting. Say you have some partners in different parts of the world. This is great for communicating together.


  • Website communicator: This software makes it possible for you to stream live webcam video on any website, blog or Facebook page. This means that you can connect, via video or webcam with your website visitors as they are there. You can answer any questions they might have and maybe close the deal.


  • Video Email Postcards:  The video email postcards program allows you to send video messages to friends, family, customers and anyone for whom you have their email address.  It’s like a live text message. You choose a template and record your own message using the software. It’s great for customer testimonials.  Video is the way forward, this is postcard which features a video about whatever you like, with your brand all over it.


  • Video App System called VAPPSY: The idea of this is to gather your customer feedback. They download the app, record a message, click save and it transmits to you to use however you like.  I am not sure how many customers would bother to do this?


The idea of Premier Income plan is that you get all these products lumped together for a good deal. So the question is, do you need, or could you use these products? I think they would be useful for business owners who are in MLM business already. I’m not so sure you would find a huge range of people who want the whole lot.

What do you think?


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A little bit about the Company:

Premier IWhat is Premier Income Planncome Plan is run by Rodney Brace and there is no attempt to hide here.

He advertises himself very clearly on the homepage, is available for live chat, and talks about his past history in online business which makes him seem quite credible. A tick for him here.

PIP has recently been bought by Hyphen Tech.

What this does is separate the technology (product) side from the MLM side of the business. Both businesses are owned by Rodney Brace, so it is all still under one hat.

To be honest, it makes very little difference, it’s just that you find the two businesses in two different urls. Everything else still works the same.

So let’s take a look at the business opportunity:


What is the Premier Income Plan compensation plan?

The Premier Income Plan Compensation plan (what a mouthful!) works on a 3 x 8 forced matrix. This is a common compensation structure in MLMs.

What this means is that you can only recruit 3 people under you. If you recruit a 4th person, they are put UNDER the people you have recruited. These levels of recruitment can go down for 8 levels whether you recruit someone yourself or your recruits refers someone. Are you still with me?

This compensation plan is complex, as often they are with MLMs. There are different levels of bonuses and you qualify for certain things under different conditions. If I tried to write this out, I would be close to writing a novel, so I will let the video explain it for me.

Please note that I do not endorse this video, it is for information only.

To help you out with your recruitment, if you struggle with this side of the business, which many, if not most people do, Premier Income Plan offers something called the PIP genie.

This is something a little different and I like this part of Premier Income Plan.


What is the PIP genie?

What is the PiP Genie?So what is the PIP Genie? Once you join the system you can opt to join the PIP builder which is where you will find the PIP genie.

The genie give you 3 wishes. This is Premier Income Plan’s own promotion engine. It’s out there on the internet finding referrals FOR YOU.

For everyone who participates in the PIP builder, the genie goes out and gets 3 referrals for you. Simply put is that Premier Income Plan do their own promotional activity and when they get referrals they allocate them to people within the business.

To be honest, if this works, I think everyone would opt for this. This is one of the biggest problems in MLM, recruitment. So having this done for you is very tempting.

Of course you have to pay for this:

You won’t get your first level commissions because technically YOU didn’t recruit these people. But the cost of the PIP Genie will come out of the bonus payments you would have made, equating to $630. The idea is that your team will also join the PIP builder and eventually that money will come back to you. So it is not money out of your back pocket.


How much does Premier Income Plan cost?

To register is $79 which covers you for the first month

Every month after that is $59

This price is fairly steep when there are other, much more affordable ways to start earning money online


My Verdict

There are some good and bad things to say about it this program. I hope this Premier Income Plan Review has helped clarify a few things for you.

In answering my question, I would say that is definitely is not a scam but whether it an be a profitable business remains to be seen. But the business model is fairly strong, for an MLM

MLM business is notoriously difficult to succeed in.

One of the main barriers in a lot MLMs is the quality of the products. With Premier Income Plan, I believe the product range is quite good. Some of these tools, like the video conferencing and e-postcards would be useful particularly to OTHER people who work in MLM – for them to drive sales and to recruit people into the business.

In terms of the MLM business model and compensation plan, I am really not a fan of MLM, mostly because of the way you have to go out and recruit people. You have to use a push sales strategy and this is really hard work! I prefer a pull sales strategy where customers come to you, which is the case with my no 1 business recommendation. 

Having said that, the use of the PIP genie potentially might solve this problem. In theory it sounds great.

If this is a program that sounds interesting to you, my honest advice would be to wait and see. It is such early days to see if this will work. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be the first person to watch it fail. And The price is fairly steep, SO hold your horses and let’s see.

I would love to know what you think. Have you come across this program before? What were your thoughts?


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11 thoughts on “Premier Income Plan Review – Scam or Legit?

  1. Tracy Mckinzi says:

    Rodney Brace is a SCAMMER!

    He took serveral thousand dollars from many people to develope an app called “kwikichat” in a “double your money kwikichat opporunity” and never paid them back. he promised to pay back double the amount of his investors after 1 year of the app launch, and never did it.

    hes not paying back, hes not responding to emails, and he treats his investors like shit.

    not to mention that his “pip 2.0 – premier income plan” members also are not getting paid.

    hes a scammer all the way. here are some other examples:

    pip genie (3 free referrals for pip) never made into pip. because it was false advertising to scam people into pip

    pip co-op. 25$ to get 1 referral. paid 100$ never received a single referral

    pip 2.0 members were not getting paid, even their subscription was activ, and had an active downline

    kwikichat double your money opporunity – i paid serveral thousand dollar and never received my payback. even after 1.5 years.

    and now hes scamming people on the kwikichat website with another investment opporunity.

    i highly recommend to avoid Rodney Brace at all times!!!

    • Wow, that is outrageous! Thank you so much for leaving your comments. It is just astounding how many con artists there are out there. I wish you lots of luck in your future endeavours and thank you. Hopefully someone else can benefit from your experience!

  2. rowena says:

    this is much needed information. So many are lead down a dead end road trying to earn extra income. The PIP plan is very enticing and draws in people, they all need to read reviews such as yours before they join because the making money part is more than meets the eye. I joined something similar and was very disappointed. Keep us informed.

    • Ruth says:

      I know, I want to help people to not get sucked into schemes where they can’t make money as promised. It’s just so unfair. I too have been sucked in by some and it is shocking what these people can get away with.

      Thanks for leaving your comments and stopping by!

  3. robertsheridan64 says:

    Hello Ruth
    Great site idea. There are far to many scams out there. I have fallen victim to many of them myself. And to find honest legitimate reviews online can be a challenge all on its own. I have seen many sites written by the people who created the products and they are far from honest. Its good to see there are some people out there willing to dedicate the time and effort to try to protect the little guy.
    Great work

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Robert.

      Thank you for your comments. I think I have felt so disillusioned by scams that have or have nearly caught me out I felt it was right to let others know. I also offer ideas for legit home business opportunities, if you want to take a look at those, if you are looking for something. Good luck to you and I wish you the best!

  4. Dan Swan says:

    Hi there

    I have just read your review on premier income plan and it has helped me a lot.

    I’ve heard about it before so reading up on it has advised me on what is best to do.

    Thank you for this great review, I greatly appreciate it 🙂

    Thanks again, Dan.

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