Radien Life Review – Should You Join This Business?

Radien Life Review

Have you heard about Radien Life and want to know more? Can you make money with this business if you join and is it worth your time.

This Radien LIfe Review will tell you everything you need to know.



Product Name: Radien

Website url: www.radienlife.com

Cost: $19.95 per year plus started pack of $199

My Rating: 3 out of 5

My Recommendation: Radien Life is a legit opportunity but there are a few issues with this business that may or may not bother you, one of which is the whole idea of MLM.  If you are looking to build your own business where you don’t have to direct sell, take a look at my top recommendation to get started.


What is Radien Life all about?

Radien Life is a Multi-Level Marketing company specialising in Anti-Ageing Creams. There are several MLM’s like this out there at the moment, and the MLM beauty industry is vast, and highly highly competitive. You should consider this.

The product range point of difference is all about seeing results in 5 days. The secret ingredient is something called QXP which is based on oak bark, The discovery was found through two scientists who were looking into to ways to fix chronic wounds and then discovered that they could use this same formula for anti-ageing creams.


The Radien Life product range

The Radien Life products fall into the following 4 main categories: I won’t go into all the details here as you can get the details specifically from the website. But something to note, is that the product range is coherent. They work well together. They don’t go off on a tangent and include pet food or nutritional products, as you might find with other MLMs.

This is a real bonus if you are looking at choosing an MLM as it makes the sell easier. So here are the product categories:

  • Women’s anti-Ageing
  • Men’s Anti-Ageing
  • Deja vu
  • Skin repair


The Radien Life Compensation Plan

With Radien Life you can make money in two different ways:

  1. Selling products directly to customers and making a commission on them
  2. Recruiting people into your team and making money of their membership and sales. This is where the MLM structure of the company comes in.

The first method of making money is self explanatory. I am sure we have all been asked to buy something off a friend to ‘help them with their business’. This is the direct selling aspect and I have to admit, one I don’t like. I prefer people to come to me to look for my products through a different process such as affiliate marketing. You can learn about there here. 

The second aspect is where the compensation plan kicks in. With Radien Life as with every MLM you are expected to approach your family and friends to ‘encourage’ them to join the business.

So how do you get rewarded? Check this out first or read the written version below

The compensation plan is what is known a unilevel structure.

It all revolves around becoming a Premier Brand Partner. To qualify for this you need to make over $2000 worth of sales in any month OR make $1000 worth of sales in 2 consecutive months.

Being a Premier brand partner you can be one of 4 rank places depending on your recruitment skills.

  • 3 Star Premier Brand Partner – When you have sponsored at least three Premium Brand Partners
  • 6 Star Premier Brand Partner – When you have sponsored at least six Premium Brand Partners
  • 9 Star Premier Brand Partner – When you have sponsored at least nine Premium Brand Partners
  • 12 Star Premier Brand Partner – When you have sponsored at least twelve Premium Brand Partners

In addition to these levels you will get different commissions based on your rank. These include:

  • SuprGen bonus – This is for 12 star Premier Brand members who make $500,000 across the members of their downline
  • Overrides – This is all about adjusting the commissions paid based on the downline members you have and the number of sales that they generate.
  • Financial Freedom bonus payout – This is a fixed bonus based on the number of people that you have in your downline.
  • Earning on selling share it packs: If a new downline member buys a ‘Share it pack’ (more below), then you will get $60 from this sale. and $30 more if you are a Premier Brand Partner.


Not sure MLM is for you?

Then take a look at my top recommendation to start your own online business


How much does it cost to get started?

To get started on the basic package you are looking at $19.95.

But you will need to purchase what is known as a ‘share it pack’ which contains about $800 worth of samples, which they recommend you will need in order to get selling. This is $199.


My Verdict

First off, I will say that Radien Life is not a scam. It is a legitimate MLM Program with a standard compensation plan. Nothing new here.

The products have a fairly good reputation but the price is a little high. Something that I think is really important to point out is that many MLMs are getting on board the online bandwagon. They provide websites and online training so you have a way to talk to customers.

With Radien Life you don’t get this. This is a purely offline business. Now, for me, this is a problem. Once you have been through all your family and friends, then you have to think about how you are going to sell. Think about it. This is going to be really hard work. And if you are new to MLM or even just want to start up your own business, this is going to make it even harder.

For me, I am not a fan of the MLM business concept.

You ultimately end up feeding through to the top of the matrix and those at the top of the company get richer while you take a measly bit of pocket money for your effort. I have seen this happen time and time again.  This is why 95% people fail in MLM.

In addition, I really don’t like the idea of pestering family and friends to buy from you and join your business. Awkward! – a really great way to lose friends I think.

But if you are keen to have your own business, wouldn’t you prefer one where customers are actively looking for something you are selling. So you aren’t seeking customers, they are seeking you. You are providing them with information as and when they need it to help them make a purchase decision, and when they do, bam, you get a commission.

This is affiliate marketing and why I recommend it as the absolute best way to make money online. If this is something that interests you, then check out my top recommendation to give you complete guidance on how to get started and how to grow and make a full time income fast.

What is Radien Life

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