Short motivational quotes

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Need a boost or inspiration for the day?. These quotes will help.

I have some of these on my wall to remind me why I do what I do. I hope they might help you.

short motivational quotes - A head full of fears

short motivational quotes- Yesterday is History

short motivational quotes- Take every chance as some things only happen once


short motivational quotes - If you want INSPIRATION stop looking for

short motivational quotes - Happiness is always an inside job

short motivational quotes - Dream what you want to dream

short motivational quotes Doing what you like

short motivational quotes - dont complicate your life


I hope these have given you some food for thought. As Always I welcome any comments at all!


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8 thoughts on “Short motivational quotes

  1. Ehab says:

    Hello there,

    Great post & very inspiring,i love motivational quotes every time i feel depressed or tired and want to give up with my online business really thank you for giving me some power to continue working on my website, just have small question how you make your photos in this post at the same line the aliment is very accurate, when i am trying to upload photos always the aliment is not good. Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      Hi there. The posts are exactly the same width regardless of their length and I just centre them in the page of my blog. You can use any image optimisation package such as pain to make your images the same size. I use photoshop, but it’s not that straightforward. I hope that helps. And thanks for your comments.

  2. stefan says:

    Hi there, great quotes!

    The one “a head full of fears has no space for dreams” caught my attention. I am in the moment of my live that I am quite worried about my future… I just don’t know which direction it will go. When I am too fearful, I really feel like there is no space for dreams indeed… it is only a matter of survival and that’s it.

    It is great to read inspirational quotes ! they tend to put you in right track.
    Thanks a lot

    Best wishes


    • Ruth says:

      I know what you mean Stephan. sometimes just a well written line can put it into perspective. I wish you lots of luck in your life. Take care

  3. Shrey says:

    I really like the way you have motivated me in this post and I think I constantly need motivation to work out things in my life and I really like the way you explain important points. I think this post will be bookmarked and I can refer to it in the future. Thanks

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