Turbo Bot Builder Review – Improve Your Sales?

Turbo Bot Builder Review

Turbo Bot Builder has recently been released in October 2016 so maybe you are are because you are interested to see if you can make money if you buy into this system?

You can find out everything you need to know in this Turbo Bot Builder Review.

Let’s take a look and see what it’s all about.



Product Name: Turbo Bot Builder

Cost: $47

My Rating: 3.8 out of 5

My Recommendation: Turbo Bot Builder is a great product to enhance sales of an existing online business. If you are looking to set up your own online business, try my top choice to get started.


What is Turbo Bot Builder all About?

The name doesn’t really give it away, but what Turbo Bot Builder allows you to do is to create a pop up chat box on your Facebook page, and allow you to create previously thought out questions and answers, so that it appears to your customers that you are answering their questions, live.

You can have as many bots as you like, for as many topics as you like, for as many niches as you like.

Take a look at the video to see a bit more


How does Turbo Bot Builder Work?

You need to have a hosting account, and your own website (you can set up a free one here), and access to your business Facebook page, or a Facebook page.

It is actually really simple to set up. All you need to do it upload the Turbo Bot Builder files to your server, follow the easy steps to set it up, (don’t worry they give you all the training), and link it to your Facebook page, then add in your questions and answers.

The idea is that your customers come onto your Facebook page, ask a question, and wow there’s an immediate answer with a link to a relevant product for them. You will need to spend some time thinking about the questions that your customers ask and how you can redirect them to products.

All the coding is done, and once you buy the product, you don’t need to pay Turbo Bot Builder anything. Well this isn’t strictly true, but I will explain a bit more about this later.

So that the product itself…

In addition if you sell on the product then you can get 100% commission on each sale you make. Now it sounds like this is secondary, but actually selling on the products is quite a key focus for Turbo Bot Builder and quite a large part of their sales tactic. In fact, they say that doing this can give you a ‘business in a box’. I think that’s pushing it, you are not going to make a full time income this way, but let’s see if it’s a business opportunity.


What do you get if you purchase it?

When you buy the software, you get the following:

Offering 1: Turbo Bot Builder Software

  • Of course you get the software which is very simple to install as outlined above.
  • Simple editing back end to make set up easy
  • Full pdf instruction manual on how to set everything up step by step

Offering 2: Rights for resale

  • If you like the product and want to sell it on then Turbo Bot Builder allow you to do this.
  • You will get landing pages and sign up forms which allow you to promote the product quickly
  • Sales video for you to use to sell the product
  • Professional Graphics for a professional look
  • Email series, all written and done for you.
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Pre-recorded training video


If you are here looking to start your own online business

Find out the best way to build a full time income here. 


How much is Turbo Bot Builder?

The launch price was $9.95 but this has gone, so you are looking at $47 right now.

However, Turbo Bot Builder uses a trick that many others use, and that is that once you have made your initial purchase, it’s time to upsell to you. You go into a sales funnel where you are offered different levels of resale rights. So initially you get resale rights for your joining fee, then next you get master resale rights and then private label resale rights.

In addition you are offered monthly membership as you go down the funnel. I don’t see any real value in this.

Of course you can reject any of this, at any stage. There is no obligation to upgrade. Personally, I find this tactic a little annoying, but as long as you know what you are in for, then you know to ignore it.


My verdict

What is Turbo Bot BuilderTurbo Bot Builder seems to be more focused on getting you to sell on their product than they are on the product itself. If you buy in it’s not so much about using the product, what you get in your package is more about how to sell it on the tools you have to sell it on. As far as being a business in a box. I don’t think so. I don’t think you could make a full time income just selling Turbo Bot Builder. There are much better ways to do this.

If however, you are not in the niche of selling business building software, having the rights to do sell on Turbo Bot Builder means nothing.

For example if you are selling socks, why would your customer base be interested in a piece of pop up software? It makes no sense.

However, the product itself, that is Turbo Bot Builder is really very good. The Facebook pop up software. It can really help to drive sales if a lot of your customers come through Facebook. FOr this reason alone, I’ve given it the thumbs up.

If you don’t have a business though, you might be interested in getting started with my top recommendation. 


Is Turbo Bot Builder scam?


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2 thoughts on “Turbo Bot Builder Review – Improve Your Sales?

  1. Savytek says:

    Thanks so much for the great review on turbo bot builder. I like the idea of handling Facebook on auto pilot while being able to focus on my blog itself. Although I’m far from being at that point right now, I can see myself possibly taking advantage of this great tool.

    • Ruth says:

      It is a great tool, and definately worth looking into. As you say, you need to be ready for it. If your business is that bit further on. I wouldn’t recommend it for brand new websites, as, to make it worthwhile you will have needed to generate some traffic first. Happy to have helped!

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