Viva Office Mesh Chair Review – High Back Heaven

Viva Office Mesh Chair Review

Product Summary

  • High back design
  • Head rest for ultimate support
  • Height adjustable lumbar support
  • Mesh back to allow air flow


The look

This chair is a perfect combination of price and features. At around $208 it is fairly reasonable and a well respected chair in it’s class. It is suitable for those over 6 feet as many chairs in the ergonomic category are not.

It has a very sleek and modern look and really would work well in any office. This is a really great all rounder.

Viva Office Mesh Chair Review


Viva Office Mesh Chair ReviewIt’s a strong mesh material, similar to the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, to allow full breath-ability and air flow in all temperatures to prevent moisture build up.


The foam seat means that you will always be comfortable and that your back can be positioned near the pelvic support at the back.


It has a lightweight frame at only 250 pounds which I think is great for a home office as you don’t want a large cumbersome chair filling up your space. The base is made from Nylon with nylon casters to ensure it remains lightweight.



If you take a look at the video below you will see that it adjusts in pretty much EVERY way possible. This way you can play around with it until it is absolutely perfect for you.

The headrest tilts backwards and forwards as well as side to side and up and down to ensure that is suitable for people of all different heights. This is great to ensure that you don’t lean your neck forward creating that strain at the back of the neck, which leads to pain and headaches.

The Seat has a Pneumatic height adjustment which has a very fluid movement and can be adjusted to the smallest height increments. It has a tilt tension control allowing 3 different reclining positions when seated. This ensures that you are selected from 3 optimum positions and not just guessing at what is right. There is build in lumbar support too to ensure that your spine is well positioned.

The seat also allows you to pivot within the seat itself whilst keeping the base centred on, so that you can turn and reach something, still supported –  A very nifty function.

The arm rests too goes in and out and up and down to allow for perfect comfort and keeping spinal alignment spot on.



My Verdict

This is my absolute favourite ergonomic chair and when I go to replace my current one, I will be choosing one of these.

Why? Because, as I mentioned it has just the right balance of price and features. You get a lot for your money but it’s not the cheap end of the market where sometimes quality can be compromised. For a really good cheaper option, try the Flash Furniture mesh chair

We are not talking about any ordinary chair here where you look for soft cushioning and maybe high quality finish to suit your interior, such as a white leather. We are focussing on functionality and form. And this chair delivers. But for me it looks the part too and it’s great on price.

If you are going to spending more time in this chair than you are in your bed, then it needs to be a good one, which this one is!

If you have a little more to spend you might want to have have a look at the Herman Miller Aeron Chair


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