Volishon Review – Is It Just another MLM Scam Business?

Voishon Review - just another MLM Scam business

Have you heard the hype about Volishon? Do you want to find out more if it is true, now that it has just launched? Do you want to see if you should get in there right from the beginning? Perhaps you have seen some advertising on Facebook, or someone you know has asked you if you are interested, and you have come online to find out more?

Well, this Volishon review will help you to decide whether this program is a MLM scam business or not

So here we go!…



Product Name: Volishon

Website url: http://volishon.com/

Cost: $34.95 per month

Rating: 1 out of 5

My Recommendation: Volishon is yet another travel MLM which traditionally are difficult to recruit for. If you want a way to build a reliable long term profitable online business without having to do any recruiting, read my top recommendation.


What is Volishon?

Just launched in Feb 2016, Volishon is a brand new shiny travel MLM (Multi-Level Marketing business). So I am going to tell you all about this business opportunity and what I think it will turn into, or will it be just another MLM scam business?

Is Volishon another MLM scam businessTo give you the full picture, I have researched the background on the owners and looked into some of their previous businesses, to give a picture of their experience, which will give you some guidance into the potential success of this business.

So here goes

So, what is Volishon?  Essentially, it’s a Travel MLM program where firstly you become a member and make money or benefit in two ways.

  • You get discounts on luxury travel such dining, travel packages, hotels, cruises, car rental and shopping plus a few more. These are not their own products. They will no doubt be sourced through third parties which is the usual format in travel MLMs
  • You recruit people into the business into your downline or team. This is the way MLM’s usually work and this is the compensation plan


History of the main players

In order to understand the scope and potential of a business, especially of a new business, it’s important to find out more about the owners and what they have experience in.

So who do we have…

  • Joel Santiago – CEO (below)
  • Joseph Otis – COO
  • Daniella Le Roux – Corporate Marketing Officer
  • Sankie Beukes – chairman of Corporate Responsibility
  • Marlon T Hurd – Director of Training

What is Volishon aboutSantiago, the CEO has worked in senior marketing roles with the following companies, of which only TWO are travel based (the ones highlighted)

Pro Travel Plus, EPIQ Energy, Fantasy Draft, Tsu, RE247365, Xplocial, Dream Life Vacation Club and EPX Body.

Pro Travel Plus was only launched in April 2015 and is a travel MLM, so a great fit, but there are some problems here:

From my research it seems that there are several complaints out there.

A common one is that when people go through their qualifying process and have paid out $500 they found that all the ‘discounted’ holidays are not discounted at all, and in fact  were MORE expensive than other alternatives. How are you supposed to sell a product like this to get people to become members and join your team?

In addition, the biggest scam they have  been involved in was the first affiliate holiday that was booked, the affiliates paid their money but no holiday was ever organised. You can only assume the money was pocketed.

The other travel company that I have mentioned, RE247365 (catchy name), collapsed soon after it was set up.

Not great history there then.

Anyway I don’t want to go into Protravel and others in too much detail, this is merely to demonstrate that Joel Santiago and a couple of other members of the team, were heavily involved in promoting this business and are now running Volishon.

Do you trust them now?


Would you prefer to start a business WITHOUT having to recruit to make money?


What is the compensation plan?

The Volishon compensation plan is known as a unilevel system.

Here is a video from Joel Santiago, which ‘explains it’.  These are the words from his mouth, so see if you understand it. To be honest I got bored when he was fumbling around with the numbers. I am not convinced even he understands it! so how on earth can anyone else!

I have explained it in words below so that it’s a bit clearer.

Firstly, before you can become involved in Volishon, you have to be a member. Prices for this are

  • Monthly Membership – $34.95 Per Month plus a one time joining fee of $35.00
  • 6 Month Membership – $199.95 plus a one time joining fee of $35.00
  • Yearly Membership – $399.95 plus a one time joining fee of $35.00

So at it’s base level, this allows you access to discounted travel.

To make any decent money, as with all MLM’s you have to recruit people into the business. Volishon ask that you do this within a specified time frame to make different levels:

  • 1 Star – Recruit five affiliates within four weeks
  • 2 Star – Recruit seven affiliates within seven weeks
  • 3 Star – Recruit forty affiliates within ten weeks

Once you have reached one level then you can move up to the next.

The compensation plan runs on a unilevel structure which is broken down as follows:

  • Every person you enrol is considered as your LEVEL 1
  • Every person who your LEVEL 1s enrol are considered your LEVEL 2
  • Every person who your LEVEL 2s enrol are considered your LEVEL 3

You can have as many 1st levels as you like, so you can have 1000 people that you have enrolled. They will all sit in your LEVEL 1.

If your Level 1s Enroll 1000 people, they will all sit in YOUR LEVEL 2.

Now, in order to work out what you might earn, you have to go back to what star you are to work out what you earn on each person recruited by level. Are you still with me?

  • If you are 1 Star you will earn $15 on level 1 recruits, these are the people that you have personally recruited
  • If you are 2 Star you will earn $25 on level 1 recruits AND $5 on your level 2 recruits
  • If you are 3 Star you will earn $30 on level 1 recruits AND $5 on level 2 recruits, AND $3 on level 3 and so on

Then ontop of this, you can make money from Volishon’s profit sharing.

I have to say, this is where it gets really complicated, so maybe you can try to make heads or tails of if from Joel’s video. I would love to hear your comments about it below.

If you want to learn how to set up your own online business in a way that is ALOT simpler, try my no 1 recommendation to getting started.


What other information do we have?

Have a look at the videos that they feature on their pre-launch site. You can get a feel of the others running the company here and if they are people you would like to represent. These don’t feature on their main site for some reason, so hopefully when you look at the link it will still be working.

Naturally, this is a pre-launch video so you would expect a lot of hype. But be wary. They are using the sales tactic – to get you in at the beginning, so take everything with a pinch of salt. This is still applicable post launch, and with any business.

It is true that in MLM businesses those that get in at the start are the ones that make the most money. But is this the case in Volishon?

I’ll tell you what I really think below:


My Verdict

is volishon a scam businessWell, if you have read any of my other reviews you will know that I am not a fan of MLM as a business concept.

The reason for this is the direct selling element. I just don’t like having to push products to friends and family and actively seek out customers to sell to, even those who have showed no interest. It’s a hard sell and you have to be a ‘type’ of person to do this.

I have been caught up in this kind of thing before and it’s just not a comfortable way to do business for me. I prefer a Pull marketing strategy such as Affiliate marketing which ensures that customers are actively looking for your products and that they come to you. If you want to learn about this, try my first choice to build a business

In terms of Volishon specifically, I think this one is a no go for several reasons, and remember, this is my opinion.

  • I don’t trust the management. Having listened to Joel’s rhetoric about the compensation plan, I really don’t think he is even clear about it.
  • The rest of the team seem a bit bogus to me. A gut feeling, you may feel differently
  • Travel MLMs are notorious for not being successful. Take the example of Protravel for one, but there are plenty more out there.
  • The travel element of this business, ie the product, is forgotten. It’s all about the compensation plan, which then leaves the actual product sounding really weak. They don’t even talk about the product much in the pre-launch. How can you launch a business without talking the product? This could start treading on muddy ground to becoming an illegal pyramid scheme.

Personally, I would stay away from Volishon. BUT if you are really interested, I would wait it out for a while. Let them get set up and give it 6 months and see how it is. You will still be in at the beginning, but you won’t be taking a huge risk.


So what now?

So maybe you thought you had found the perfect business opportunity for you. Well I have looked at a lot of businesses and reviewed good and bad, the successful and the not so successful, and I can see what works and what doesn’t. And I don’t think this will.

Personally I prefer to have customers come to me, to provide them something they are looking for, not to try and push them into a sale.

If you are interested in building a home business of your own, where customers come to you, and in any passion you have, whether that is travel or swimming, Jazz music or babies, why not take a look at my no 1 business recommendation in building an online business where you could seriously make a legitimate long term very profitable business.

I’ll leave it with you

I hope my Volishon Review was helpful and I would love to hear if you know any more about Volishon and what your thoughts are on this business.


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21 thoughts on “Volishon Review – Is It Just another MLM Scam Business?

  1. Minhaj says:

    I have been looking into multiple MLM companies and this one came across my path.
    Like you, I very much dislike the MLM business model and this review perfectly reflects why.
    I got a headache just by reading the compensation plan, why do they make it so convoluted? This sis the first time I have come across a travel MLM company, I really cannot see the value in these kinds of business opportunities, constantly recruiting? telling half truths about how you can earn money? This industry needs to be regulated more.

    • Ruth says:

      I agree Minhaj. People are so keen to start something of their own, that this is why they get into this kind of business. But as you say it’s complicated and convoluted, and for me personally, not a good way to spend your working life, emotionally quite draining.. having to be constantly upbeat.

      Thanks for leaving your comments Minhaj!

  2. I really don’t care for MLMs all that much. Honestly, with Affiliate Marketing on the scene, I’m not sure why people continue to join any kind of MLM. On the other hand, there is always something for everyone out there.

    • I agree! Its not for me at all when there is affiliate marketing which is a much easier approach to making money online. And you can keep your friends!

  3. Nate says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I’m usually sceptical about any MLM business opportunities out there! This review is really in depth, you haven’t put forward personal opinion. You’ve purely stated what facts you’ve found out.

    I’m hopeful that there must be at least a few legitimate MLM opps out there, can you recommend any?

    • Ruth says:

      Oh I guess I was trying to be impartial. I must re read what I wrote, so that my personal opinion is clearer. There is a section at the end which is my verdict but perhaps I should be more clear with this throughout the article. I like to give people the facts to help THEM decide, and then tell them what I think.

      There are a lot of legitimate MLMs, in fact a lot are. For example, Forever Living, Oriflame for example. It’s just that it is VERY hard to be successful in them, and 97% of people fail and give up. That is why I am not a fan.

  4. Richard U. says:

    This is the first i am hearing this and probably hope not as i can see the rating is 1 out of 5.

    Most importantly thank you for sharing this and if not for people like you i will not have heard of this and probably avoid it.

    I like the look of your site and choice of them nice and clean and well done again for sharing this post.

    This is one of those a must read kind of article and i hope folks do justice to it as well.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Richard. Lots of compliments there. I can’t see the future, of course, so I could always be wrong, but from what I know and what I have seen in other businesses and with the history of the owners, I feel this isn’t one to go for. Time will tell!

  5. Tamara says:

    Thank you for the great review of this MLM business. You made a very good research and uncovered the shady past of previous companies where the CEO has worked.This is very important because the history can be repeated. I share your opinion that this company could be another MLM scam business. Generally speaking, I don’t like MLM business and keep away from them. Rather stick with Affiliate Marketing.

    • Ruth says:

      Exactly, I think you are wise Tamara.

      With all these hyped up launches, they are trying to get you in at the beginning on a special deal, which is always a risk! It’s better to wait it out. Ok if it is a massive success you may not make as much as you could have, but I don’t think it’s worth the risk. Especially with something like this that has scam written all over it!

  6. Charlotte says:

    The ad looks so inviting and I suppose its meant to. It seems to be all looks and no substance though, having read your review I would certainly steer clear of anything bearing this name.
    The income levels and recruitment requirements are long winded and to be honest I tuned out because it was so complicated, and as for the direct selling, its a no from me.
    A very informative piece. Thank you.

    • Ruth says:

      Good news Charlotte. I am pleased to help. Remember it is only my opinion but I have seen enough of these programs to smell a rat. Good luck in what you decide to do

      • I am looking out for a ligit direct selling company for Africa i am in one already but the marketing plan needs some work i hate it when i sponsor someone and then they end up earning more than me. if possible not selling products but services eg.internet etc.

        • Hi James, Sorry for the delay, I was away with Family for Easter. As first port of call, have you tried this website? http://www.dsasa.co.za/modules_fe/layout2/dsasa-member.asp It offers a selection of direct selling businesses in south africa. I am not sure where you are located, but it might be worth a look, even if you are not in South Africa. Then you can pick from this list and find those that fit the bill. Let me know if you need more information, if this doesn’t help. Have a great Easter!

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