What is Fiddy Share All About? Could the Claims Be True?

What is Fiddy Share All About

Strange name huh? Perhaps you have seen the website for this program and are still none the wiser as to what is Fiddy Share about and how you can make money from it.

Well you have come to the right place. Here’s where you will find out everything you need to know.



Product Name: Fiddy Share

Website url: www.fiddyshare.com

Cost: $50 (to start with)

My Rating: 0 out of 5

My Recommendation: There is nothing about Fiddy Share that says anything other than Scam. If you want a real way to make a full time income income, check out my top recommended program. 


What is Fiddy Share all About?

Fiddy Share is simple. You make $50 everytime someone clicks on your link.

How it works is you pay $50 for some ‘marketing tools’ which allows you to activate a link. Then you ‘share’ that link with as many people as you can. Everytime someone clicks on that link you get paid $50.

Stop right there. Let’s think about that. Just a click on a link will pay you $50. I seriously doubt that!

And what you are selling?…. Fiddy Share. So it’s a loop. You buy into it, to sell it on. There is no service, nothing to offer and nothing really to sell. SO how easy do you think that sell will be?

If you delve further into the website and business you can see very clearly some clear signs of a scam jumping out at you. Yes I am calling it a scam. It is plain as day as far as I am concerned.

Here are the reasons why:


Why Fiddy Share is a Scam

Ludicrous income claims

$1000 in 5 minutes! I have seen this all before on this type of program over and over again. But Fiddy Share takes it to a whole new level. You are told about people earning 2 million in their first month. From clicks. Really!?

And how easy is it to just make up the chart below.

What is Fiddy Share About


$50 a Click

This is insane. Why would someone pay you $50 a click?

No advertisers pay those sorts of rates. The clear answer to this is that you will NOT get paid $50 a click. That is a lie. You may get paid $50 a sale. But if you have ever worked in any sort of sales, actually getting the sale and just getting a lead are two entirely different things.

There is no way within the system to track your clicks. So you COULD be getting hundreds and all that money is going right to the owner. You won’t see any of it.


Want a REAL way to earn a full time income?


Free to join

So it’s free to join, but you get nothing for that. A good training program would at least let you join and look around the platform for free. Plus you have to give them your paypal email address which I think is really dubious to start off with.  Then you will need to buy the ‘marketing tools’ to activate your link.

In fact you can’t do anything without paying. If you want to enquire, you are taken to your paypal account to pay $10! For what?

if you go to the leadlist section they immediately start selling the marketing tools.

And you can’t use your link until you pay. So absolutely NOTHING is free.


The upsells

Throughout the process you are redirected to more and more upsells getting you to buy traffic systems and anything to make promoting the Fiddy Share link easier. But these are not going to help you, they are just going to make the Fiddy Share owner more money.


They aren’t upfront

From the off it is really difficult to understand just what is Fiddy Share and how you actually make money with it. This is a real warning sign as far as I am concerned. If they don’t tell you upfront then there is something to hide.


No face to the business

There is no face to the owner Frederick spears and I could find no reference to him anywhere online. Not a huge shock I have to say!



My Verdict

Is Fiddy Share a ScamSo what is Fiddy Share?

Well I can tell you it’s an out and out scam. No doubt about it. There is NOTHING here where you can make money. All that will happen is you will lose money, I can guarantee that.  AND you will become a spammer. No serious internet marketer wants to be that.

Programs that claim you can make money so instantly with no effort are lying to you, to get you to buy in. And Fiddy Share is no different here.

But you want to make money online and start an online business? Of course you do, that is way to freedom. But Fiddy share will not help you do this.

If you want your own online business, you need to understand that it’s not a quick fix, you will need to put in some work and elbow grease to get there but if you are serious you can make a fortune. My no 1 recommendation to learn how to build your own online business is through affiliate marketing, but you need to learn the right way, and you can read more about my top training program to teach you EVERYTHING you need ot know right here. 


Fiddy Share Review


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