What is Six Figure Mentors? – It’s Not What You Think!

What is Six Figure Mentors About

Six figure Mentors has a history. And one that is reputable. Great stuff I hear you say, where do you I sign.

Not so fast. Find out here the REAL details of what is six figure mentors and whether you would be wise to invest your money here or not.



Product Name: Six Figure Mentors

Website url: www.thesixfigurementors.com

Cost: $29.95 to start off with followed by upsells taking you to $30,000!

My Rating: 2 out of 5

My Recommendation: Six Figure Mentors gets you in and then presents you will upsell after upsell, up to $30K! You don’t need to pay anywhere near these costs to have your own online business. Check out my top recommendation and find out how.


What is Six Figure Mentors?

The owners of Six figure Mentors Stuart and Jay have use the knowledge base here to build a new program with a fresh edge. They have background in this industry and knowledge that is apparent in their training videos.

But hold on, all is not what it seems:

So what is Six figure Mentors exactly? It’s a training program to teach you how to build you own online business.  But the online business that you are learning how to promote is Six Figure Mentors and the packages that come with that. Sure you will learn a lot of information about how to build a website, why a list is important, paid traffic and seo. Many many useful internet marketing topics, but you aren’t free to apply this to a business of your choice. Not really.

You are promoting Six figure Mentor products. So let’s talk a bit more about these. Maybe they are worth promoting?


The Six Figure Mentor Products:

The idea here is that you are promoting these products in order to make a commission on each sale. This is nothing new, and a way to make money online called affiliate marketing if you can get passionate about their products. Let’s take a look deeper into some of the products to see if you can get excited about it.

  1. Six Figure Mentor Digital Business System ($297 + $97/mth)
  2. Six Figure Mentor Elite Mastermind ($2,500)
  3. Digital Business Lounge ($37 or $67/mth)
  4. Simple Lead Capture ($29.95/mth)
  5. Graphix Creator ($99)
  6. SimpleTraxx ($9.95/mth)
  7. Digital Experts Academy – Silver ($2,500)
  8. Digital Experts Academy – Gold ($8,000)
  9. Digital Experts Academy – Platinum ($11,000)
  10. Digital Experts Academy – Black ($20,000)


Be aware of the ‘tests’

The Six Figure Mentors have put a system in place which I believe is intended to help motivate people to keep going. It’s an unusual one, but I have seen it before; they ask you unlock the next stage in a variety of ways which might take the form of having to get a link from your referrer, to complete a worksheet, answer a survey or simply to get access to the next step… I’m not entirely sure why they do this. Perhaps it’s to keep your membership running for longer?

This is quite irritating if you just want to get on with the course in your own time and don’t want to be checked along the way. Also they can provide stoppers which interrupt your flow and delay you for a week or so whilst you are getting connected to the next step.

SO let’s take a look at the membership and how this breaks down:


The cost and the training

Well this is my big bug bear with Six Figure Mentors. The cost.

Before I get into it, more recently they have started offering a free trial which is great. I like a chance to take a look inside.

Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam


Affiliate Access: This is free

This level is simply for people who want to promote Six Figure Mentors on a website they currently have or want to host their banners etc on their website or share them with their Facebook page.

Introductory membership (Student Access): You get started for £29.95 PLUS $25 a month.

But this only gives you access to the introductory course which simply tells you what you will be learning. There are better courses out there that teach you more than just an introduction for FREE, with NO charge, so why would you go for Six Figure Mentors?

Anyway, moving on… So you have joined the introductory course. What’s next? You soon find out that this will not be enough to get you into the heavyweight training. So what will you have to shell out for this?

Essential Membership: This is $297 upfront plus $97 per month. This will give you access to all modules.  Well sort of..

What you get here is your own landing page, autoresponder and training on how to set all of this up and start building your email list. In addition you have a senior business coach to help you through the training. But can you guess what is coming next? Yes, if you want to make big money then you have to upgrade to the next level.

Are you getting the picture?

Elite Membership: Wait for it.. It’s $2500 per year plus $97 per month. So what does this special Elite level give you?

You get personal coaching from the owners Stuart and Jay AND your commissions will increase to 40%. Here you have access to the Digital Experts Academy, where the ‘top internet gurus’ share their knowledge. But wait, that’s not the end of it.

You can buy the rights to sell another 4 different packages all based around internet marketing and building an online business and each giving you a commission.

Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black. You have to buy these in order to sell them. And the biggest one, the Black one is going to cost you $30,000!


Interested in an online business which is FREE to start? With NO upsells

Check out my top recommendation 


Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam?

The training you will get is comprehensive and good. BUT the training is mostly about promoting their incredibly overpriced products.

When you buy in you don’t get what you pay for. You think that the initial fee will give you all you need, but the upsells are ludicrous, and I suspect that knowing that you may have you invest as much as $30,000 would turn people right off. To me, the product is misleading in it’s sales pitch. Therefore, it’s a borderline scam.


My Verdict

In summary from my Six Figure Mentors review, and addressing the question What is Six Figure Mentors about – my biggest question to you is  – Can you believe how astronomical the costs are!?

Don’t be fooled by the owners bragging about their riches. Where do you think those riches came from? From people who have paid their extortionate fees.

The Student and Essential packages are pretty much useless. You won’t get what you need to keep going and make money online. You will essentially have no other choice but to upgrade to elite. There, is some good training there, but you will feel tricked that you have had to pay that much to get there.


So what now?

Real affiliate marketing in it’s true sense allows you to promote whatever you like for free. You can choose your niche, and area of interest and promote whatever you like. You don’t have to pay to be an affiliate – EVER. Take a look at companies like Amazon.com which has one of the largest affiliate programs out there. You simple join and use their links and get a commission on their products. With some structured training, THIS is the right way to make money with affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn how to get started with affiliate marketing the right way, with a very affordable course that will take you step by step through the process, and with no hidden upsells, take a look at my top recommendation. It’s by far the best way to get up and running and making a full time income.

I hope this Six Figure Mentors Review was helpful and you got the answers you were looking for. I would love to hear any thoughts you have about the program below, so drop me a line if you have any thoughts or experiences of this program.

What is Six Figure Mentors About


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2 thoughts on “What is Six Figure Mentors? – It’s Not What You Think!

  1. Dave says:

    Hey Ruth,

    I’m happy I got here just in time. I knew that the name of the program itself sounded fishy and kind of giving the owners away, but I had the strong thought of joining.

    I’m glad for your clear explanation that it’s not a reliable venture. I also see that you recommend wealthy affiliate.

    What are the downsides of it, I’m sorry I come out this strong and upfront. I need to know so that I don’t go there and get surprised.

    Waiting for your response. Thanks.

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Dave. Thanks for leaving your comments and feedback on my review. The downsides for Wealthy Affiliate are that you need to put in the work, but anyone who has tried any get rich quick schemes will see that this is the case if you want a true online business that lasts. I think people get surprised at that, but if you imagine that the job you are currently in didn’t require any work at all but you would still get paid, then you would be living in a dream world.

      People who have tried to start something that promises loads of money with no work will tell you in their millions how they wasted their money. Any system that promises this is a scam. I have reviewed enough of them to make this statement. So yes Wealthy Affiliate requires you to work to be successful, but the rewards are huge. I hope this helps.

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