Zero Hour Work Days Review – Is It Really Anything Special?

Zero Hour Work Days Review

Zero Hour Work Days has recently been launched in October 2016, so you my have seen some hype and want to know the truth. Can you REALLY make the sort of money they talk about working for less than an hour a day.

I have to say, I’m dubious. Sounds highly unlikely, but let’s take a look and see what the program is about in the Zero Hour Work Days review – I could be wrong!



Product Name: Zero Hour Work Day

Website url:

Cost: $8.67 discount price, followed by a number of upsells to $897!

My Rating: 3 out of 5

My Recommendation: Zero Hour Work Days is a concept that works, but it’s not easy and cheap to get started as this program would have you believe. If you want true honesty in your training program check out my top recommendation and get started for free.


What is Zero Hour Work Days All About?

Brendan Mace, the owner, claims that he makes $10,000 a month with very little work. He says his system will help you do the same.

So what is this magical system?

Essentially what the Zero Hour Work Days system provides is training to teach you how to build an email list of interested customers and then to sell affiliate products to them through an automated email system This is nothing new. There are literally hundreds of programs out there that do this. Programs such as CB passive income, the Chris Farrell membership, Michael Brown Success System. I could go on.

So is this program any different? This concept does work but not in the way that Brendan would have you believe.  When you watch the sales video you get the impression that you don’t have to invest much and that you don’t have to do much work. The thing to note here, is that it doesn’t take less than a hour a day to get going – as this program suggests. I feel this is misleading.

In order to get your automated email system up and running and your sales pages created you will need to invest A LOT of time. Sure, when it’s running, you can just maintain it, but you have to put in a lot of time and money to get it going.

Lets look into this a bit more:


How much does Zero Hour Work Days cost?

Brendan says he wants to reward fast action takers by giving you the training for $8.97. But there are some hidden upsells that you should be aware of with Zero Hour Work Days.

What this image below is showing you is the sales funnel. Once you sign up for your bargain $8.95 you will be then sold a heap of other products which you ‘need’ to be a true success:

The circles in red show the initial price you will be presented with and the circles in blue show the price you will offered if you reject that red price. So if you’re not careful you might end up paying $897!

Is Zero Hour Work Days a scam?


Now if this is the first time you have heard of this sales tactic, you would be forgiven for feeling deceived by it. But it’s a very common sales funnel that you see today on online sales programs. That doesn’t make it right though. It is misleading and it means that when you sign up you don’t get what you think you are paying for. You have to shell out a lot more to get the goods.

There is no mention of the landing pages you will need in order to collect email addresses and whether the cost of these are included. At the very least you will need to pay for an autoresponder for a monthly charge of around $25 if you want to progress.

These are all things that won’t be included for your $8.95 and will form part of the essential upsell you will need to purchase.

You do get a 60 day money back guarantee which is great. And these money back guarantees through affiliate networks is iron clad. You can rely on them, so feel safe in that you will get your money back if you don’t like the program.


Want a way to build an online business

with NO upsells or hidden charges?


What’s do you actually get if you sign up?

Brendon claims that in a few hours you can learn everything he knows as be as successful as him. Here is an outlined of what you get in the Zero Hours Work Days training:

  • Module 1 – How to Make $9,259.74 Per Month
  • Module 2 – Where to Find the Right Resources
  • Module 3 – Tricky Ways to Get FREE Traffic
  • Module 4 – Best Traffic Source (and How to Get it for Free)
  • Module 5 – Secret to a 210% ROI
  • Module 6 – Simple Money Pages
  • Module 7 – Affiliate Promos that Print Money
  • Module 8 – Where the REAL Money Is… 

It all sounds a little vague


What is Zero Hour Work Days?What about the owner?

Brendan Mace is actually a legit marketer. He has been around for a while and is very successful. Of course this is a big plus point. I have seen many of these make money online scams with owners who are paid actors from 

So the fact that Brendan is a real person is a true positive. He has a huge you tube channel which is very popular and seems well known in the field of make money online. Thumbs up here.


My Verdict

There are positives and negatives for Zero Hour Work Days.

Firstly my concerns with this program is the huge upsells that you will be faced with. This seems extortionate for this kind of program when there are much better value affiliate marketing training programs out there.

My other main concern is the impression you are given that this will take very little work and earn you instant cash and a luxury lifestyle. This is not so. You will need to work very hard to get set up.

ON the positive side, there is a money back guarantee which means you can at least test it out. AND the system he has for making money online has shown successes in the past.

But It’s not for beginners. Taking on the world of traffic and building landing pages and autoresponders etc is not for the feint hearted, so if you are new to internet marketing, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Overall, in fact, I wouldn’t recommend it, there are better programs out there that are far better value and will take you through step by step how to make money online through affiliate marketing. How to build your website and how to drive free traffic.

If you are interested in making money online I would definitely recommend that you take a look at this top program where you can get started for free.

Well I hope this Zero Hours Work Days review has helped you see into this program a little more and helped you to decide whether it’s for you.

What is Zero Hour Work Days


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6 thoughts on “Zero Hour Work Days Review – Is It Really Anything Special?

  1. Lauren Kinghorn says:

    Shooee Ruth! Those upsells were a real eye opener! $8.97 fast becomes $897… oi!! Scary. I do like the 60 day money back guarantee though. I made a silly mistake the other day and bought an introductory blogging bundle again in July, that I had already purchased in April. only to find they have no money back guarantee. Fortunately in this case, I had bought from a very reputable, high profile blogger. I emailed her to explain my mistake and request a refund and she refunded my money. Yay! All’s well that ends well. But life online is not always that simple. So many programs out there that look like game changers but sadly, are not.

    • Ruth says:

      Yes Lauren, you do have to be really careful. Before you know it you can get into alot of debt. And the sales pages are so clever sometimes. Blatant but clever!

  2. Sal says:

    Hi Ruth, wow, if I had not read your review, I might have been tempted to sign up for the program had I come across it. The review is really informative, could save people from wasting their hard earned cash. But of course, it is best to work hard and then reap the benefits. Its like playing a game, if you cheat, it wont be fun, you might have a lot more stuff, but when you dont cheat, the things are yours, you deserved it, you earned it. 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      I agree Sal and well put! There is os much more satisfaction having worked and achieved something yourself. Of course some would not agree, but even if that’s you, this is NOT the right program. In face I would so far as to say, that any program that promises a zero hour work day, is a scam. Thanks for leaving your comment.

  3. Wow!! So an uninformed buyer will be led into believing that all they need to earn – how much is it again? …ah let’s see…”$9,259.74 Per Month with Zero Hour Days” for a lowly investment of $8.97??!!!
    In the end if you were promised to earn over nine grand per month by paying first $8.97 only to discover that the “real results” can only be achieved by spending $897.00 if you are stoopid or $197.00 if you refuse the $897.00 OTO. What type of weed are these marketers smoking??!!
    So my $897 becomes a nice financing to keep these guys on vacation at Five Star hotels in exotic locations… More on this

    • Yes you are absolutely right Royan. And well put. Perhaps that is how Zero Hour Work Days’ Brendan funds his huge income, from unsuspecting people who have no idea what they are getting into and that they would need to spend near on $900 to even get started. Poor show huh! And believe it or not, it’s easy to get sucked in as you get further and further down the sales funnel and feel the need to buy more and more. The more time you have spent on building your business, the less likely you are to throw it in at the mere mention of another sum of cash. That’s what they are banking on. Not fair and not very transparent!

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